Bloated and boring

By fumita
Written May 05, 2016
Save your money this one is IMHO the first bad "avengers" movie. Too many villains too many suits of armor and too many abandoned plot points leads to a bloated boring movie. The action sequences are so frenetic and blurry i thought i was watching transformers. The director of this film should probably send part of his paycheck to Michael Bay since he clearly stole his directing style.
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Marathon was great!

By Weird_Ed27
Written April 25, 2017
It was lots of fun getting to see Iron Man 1 and 2 on the big screen again. They also ran Avengers and Iron Man 3 in 3D. I could take or leave the 3D, as it was done in post-production and not shot that way originally. Overall, it was worth the money for the ticket to see all 4 movies back to back. Iron Man 3 was great, very action-packed with lots of witty moments from RDJ. Thanks Regal!
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The Regal Theater is horrible at marathons.

By jesusesalgado
Written February 21, 2017
I was excited about the Iron Man marathon. I been waiting for this day since I got the ticket. I went to the Regal Theater in New Roc and it was the worst experience I ever had. I told myself I was never going to a Regal theater again after the disappointing experience I had in the NYC Regal theater in 13th street Broadway, for the Die Hard Marathon. This Iron Man marathon was as horrible as the Die hard marathon. The Regal theater didn't offer any collectors badge or collectors 3D glasses for the marathon. The people who worked at the theater in New Roc, acted like they were just told about the marathon that morning. All I got for my Iron Man experience was a paper wristbands , something that I could of gotten going to a club in the city. It was the worst experience I had with Regal again and I promise it will be my last. I should of gone to a AMC theater and would of gotten a collectors badge and collectors 3D glasses. I didn't like Iron Man 3 and I'll leave it at that.
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Top Five Reasons to See Iron Man 3

By Henry Hand-drawn
Written April 24, 2017
The top five reasons why I recommend Iron Man 3: 1) a resolution to the standard multi-villain dilemma (see Batman & Robin (1991); and Spider-Man 3 (2007)), excised with but a bit of plot work; 2) story arc magic: that the Stark / Potts arc is both solved by reel's end, yet feels further raised in ways only resolvable through yet-to-come(s); 3) the villain change-up: sure, some Marvel-philes will have issues with the Mandarin who's-its, but damn don't I love surprises! 4) a dark knight's mischievous directing: yes'mmm, I loved Favreau as director; but Black brings a fresh edge to the work – he knew what to keep and what to one-up; fantastic refresh; and 5) breaking the trilogy curse: sequels sometimes better their priors (see The Godfather, Part II (1974); and The Empire Strikes Back (1980)), but few raise the bar; obviously, IM3 is not better than The Avengers, but better than IM2? easily – and I liked IM2. This is a fantastic opening entry to the 2nd round of Avengers story-lining.
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By dpw1970
Written September 25, 2016
AMC CHESTERFIELD 14 sure knows how to throw a marathon, after each movie a trivia game, with prizes, fun interaction with the staff. Always a great time doing one of these marathons.
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