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A Must See In 2013!!

By Karmicsamadi86
Written August 29, 2015
What a way to kick off the summer movie season!! Iron Man 3 was great on so many levels. From complex fight scenes, to a villain that defines villains, all polished off with the ubiquitous Tony Stark selfdom. Though I found that it could of bit a little shorter, that's my only complaint. I definitely reccomend it as a GO SEE!!
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Not-so-Iron Man

By maxrating
Written September 01, 2015
The first Iron Man movie was great! The second - Spectacular. This one, not so much. It had all the special effects you would expect but the once indestructible suit seems to get ripped to shreds with ease making this movie goer question the entire film. Very disappointed in IM3. However, if you liked the first two you know you have to see it no matter what I write so go enjoy the flick and when you get done you will understand why I rated this less than inspiring movie So-So. But I remember how Die Hard 3 took that franchise down the wrong road and by the 4th one Bruce redeemed himself. Maybe if Robert Downey, Jr. comes back he can redeem himself too. They can even call it "Iron Man 4 - Redemption"!!
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Now What

By gerwans
Written January 27, 2015
This is a good wrap up of the Iron Man character but leaves me wondering what will happen now? Is this the end of Robert Downey's run with this character? I Hope not!!!!
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Utterly Disappointed

By itsbrittanyann
Written September 23, 2014
I've been an avid fan of Iron Man for quite some time now, going so far as to reading and collecting the comics and going to the premiers of each new Iron Man movie. Last night was no exception. I grabbed my tickets early, got in line well in advance to beat the crowds, only to be let down by the biggest disappointment. I'm sure those that have not read the comics will certainly enjoy this movie, but for those who have read about Iron Patriot, The Mandarin, and Extremis I have no doubt in my mind that this movie will have strayed greatly from the stories. While creative license generally means good things for movies, I felt that Iron Man 3 grossly mishandled the story.
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**** !!!!

By mutlaqsd
Written December 11, 2014
do I really have to say............
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