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Nonstop action

By navmartm
Written November 24, 2014
Sometimes sequels can be such a letdown. Not so with Iron Man 3. Although the plot seems to have elements of various other movies incorporated, it is still a fun movie to just sit back and get lost in. Don't think too hard about it, just enjoy the ride!
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good movie lots of action and laughs.

By mpier69
Written November 24, 2014
it was a good movie. it had lots of action. It also was very comical at times. I preferred the first Ironman and this one over Ironman 2.
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Well this ain't the comics

By Cinespector
Written May 04, 2013
Cons: They changed things quite a bit from the comics. There was a character that felt rather superfluous. These did not feel like Iron Man villains. It was more... X-Men. Pros: Tony Stark recovering from The Avengers Tony Stark proving he's more than just a man in a suit. James Rhodes proving he's worthy of his reputation. There is a pretty great little boy.
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you'll want to forget it

By dbretts
Written May 03, 2013
What movie is this? IM3 suffers from an identity crisis among many other things. First there's no AC/DC on the soundtrack... Why!? Then Tony Stark is scripted to be so anxiety ridden that it changed the perception of his personality. Thirdly, he is rarely in an iron suit throughout the movie but when he is, he jumps in and out of them quickly because the suits have problems with power and protection (they break easily). Wah? This movie fails to connect well with IM 1 & 2. It's different in a strange way - IM/Tony Stark is not as fun and likeable. There's no "Shoot To Thrill" theme music when Iron Man appears. It's just disappointing to meet this stranger when you used to know him as a cool hero. You might see the movie once to satisfy your curiosity but then you'll want to forget it.
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Iron Man 3 was Great!!!

By cinema cowboy
Written September 16, 2014
Another from Marvel, just as the first and the second, Iron Man 3 packs a punch with cinematography, plot and laughter. Tony Stark (Morton Downy Jr) ingenius and funny as ever, Peppers (Gwyneth Paltrow) an elagant executive and Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) as "War Machine" take on a master mind for the thrill of your life. I highly suggest you go see it.
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