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Great movie

By d3fiant
Written November 21, 2014
This is one of the most action packed movies based on the comic books that I read as a youth. Superman,Batman and the Harry Potter movies doesn't even come close when comes to audience appeal. I can't wait for the next Iron Man movie and I hope we won't have to wait long.
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Iron man 3

By nayahdiva
Written September 30, 2013
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Dont go there

By esxydexy2004
Written May 05, 2013
He didnt wear the suit enough....I like Marvel comics but everyone has an suit in this movie and the one thats suppose to wear the suit was in it for bout 15 min... outta the whole movie....sry but hes a super hero in his iron man suit not without it....Sucks
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Better than iron man 2

By cbspock
Written May 04, 2013
Tony still dealing with issues from The Avengers battle in NY must don the the suit to avenge his friend's near death at the hands of The Mandarin. There are some great action sequences and the typical Tony / Pepper bantering. The villain in the film reminded me of the liquid Terminator from T2
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Great Show!

By wolverine_xmen
Written November 23, 2013
The film was great. I loved all the action. I even liked that they gave him a weakness and they included what happened in The Avengers and didn't just pretend it never happened. The Christmas theme drove me a little crazy but other than that it was an excellent show.
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