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Grandparents night out

By denise.sweeney
Written July 04, 2015
We had the 3 boys ages 6-9 and the granddaughter 15 years of age and us, in the 60's. All of us absolutely LOVED it. An all ages great movie!!
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Shane Black. Christmas and Kidnapping

By kdundon
Written September 15, 2014
This is Shane's fourth of his nine films that take place during Christmas and have a kidnapping. I had high hopes as I am of fan of the Lethal Weapons and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. But this movie is as good as The Last Action Hero. As in NOT! What made the studio think that what the franchise needed was for the hard drinking and highly intelligent man of action to be racked with sobriety and self doubt? The Mandarin. Wtf? There are no words. It's like they just pasted the name on a character that was already in the script. After watching this movie I went home and put on the Avengers. I needed it. Dear Jon Favreau, Iron Man needs your help. You need to rescue the franchise..
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Great action

By Apologia
Written December 28, 2014
I must say that it was not Ironman who saved the is Pepper! I was a bit taken back about the plot twist but I predicted it early on. What a waste for Ben Kingsley........why did he stoop so low??? Pepper is HOT! You cant stop looking at her! What was interesting for Tony is that he is fighting internalized demons. It is a story more about him and his internal struggles than the main story. It does add more as to the relationship he and Pepper have...and you finally get to see he feels deeply for her. The kid in this movie is tremendous! Another mini Tony and a very good side kick 1/3 of the way through the movie. The story IS predictable....but fun to watch unfold. Lots of action. Although, Tony has had an easier time with kicking the aliens arses than he does the Mandrine. The concept of turning deformed people into time bombs is unique......but a bit over board. The other Iron Man movies were better. Tony finally solves the issue of who he is in the end.
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By jhohler
Written February 28, 2015
Dare I say that this is the worst of the trilogy. I was actually bored for the first half hour of the movie. It seemed like it was just a showcase for what Tony Stark could do out of his suit, which is not the point of Iron Man.
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Not-so-Iron Man

By maxrating
Written January 30, 2015
The first Iron Man movie was great! The second - Spectacular. This one, not so much. It had all the special effects you would expect but the once indestructible suit seems to get ripped to shreds with ease making this movie goer question the entire film. Very disappointed in IM3. However, if you liked the first two you know you have to see it no matter what I write so go enjoy the flick and when you get done you will understand why I rated this less than inspiring movie So-So. But I remember how Die Hard 3 took that franchise down the wrong road and by the 4th one Bruce redeemed himself. Maybe if Robert Downey, Jr. comes back he can redeem himself too. They can even call it "Iron Man 4 - Redemption"!!
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