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Not Bad

By ColoDolfan1
Written July 29, 2016
The movie was okay all around. The action sequences were well orchestrated, and the humorous parts were well placed; however, the abundant focus on the weakness of Tony Stark, and even the inadequacy of the Iron Man suit was overplayed. And what they did to the Mandarine... unacceptable... The acting was, once again, above par. Robert Downey Jr IS Iron Man. Overall, Iron Man 3 is a good film. I recommend it, but beware the possibility of disappointment.
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Mandarin a total disappointment

By edwardkeller314
Written October 25, 2016
I was loving the movie until "the Mandarin twist". After that I was tempted to get up and leave. It was a insult to fans of the comic book and enjoyed the Mandarin vs Iron Man battles. I got aroundTony's endless anxiety attacks because of THE BATTLE OF NY and the pointless destruction of all the iron man suits at the end. The Mandarin was always a key villain of Iron Man and was a good battle of magic vs Technology. That storyline could have been better utilized with the Mandarins magical rings had and tied into the other magical/cosmic items in the Marvel Universe like the tesaract. Next time Disney decides to give Shane Black who created such nightmares as Last Boyscout the directors chair for a marvel movie please reconsider and pick someone who wont massacre the story. you had Ben Kinglsey a excellend actor play a key Villain and made him a English actor who was controlled by Killain a second rate villain who runs AIM - a organization that is a Stark Enterprises knockoff. So sad.
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Pure Awesomeness!!

By ShaneA12-5SX
Written June 29, 2016
Iron Man 3 by far is the best movie out of the series! Loved every moment of it!! Robert Downey Jr, is Iron Man. Played the part so well yet again!
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Completely worthy of the title!

By OrCrush
Written July 31, 2016
I'm a long time fan of the Iron Man lineage, beginning with the comic books. This might create some bias, I'll admit. This movie grabs ahold of your attention, races forward like a freight train and doesn't let up until after the end of the credits. Yes, it's that good.
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Another great chapter

By vegasbabyyeah
Written January 18, 2017
Definitely worth seeing, I think it was great, and I can be hard to please with these movies. If there was any complaint, I would say it is that you should probably see The Avengers first, just because they refer to it several times. While it's not a huge piece of the story, I kept thinking that years from now when people want to watch this whole trilogy they are going to be thrown off if they don't watch The Avengers in between Iron Man 2 and 3.
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