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you'll want to forget it

By dbretts
Written May 03, 2013
What movie is this? IM3 suffers from an identity crisis among many other things. First there's no AC/DC on the soundtrack... Why!? Then Tony Stark is scripted to be so anxiety ridden that it changed the perception of his personality. Thirdly, he is rarely in an iron suit throughout the movie but when he is, he jumps in and out of them quickly because the suits have problems with power and protection (they break easily). Wah? This movie fails to connect well with IM 1 & 2. It's different in a strange way - IM/Tony Stark is not as fun and likeable. There's no "Shoot To Thrill" theme music when Iron Man appears. It's just disappointing to meet this stranger when you used to know him as a cool hero. You might see the movie once to satisfy your curiosity but then you'll want to forget it.
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Possibly the best of the trilogy

By dmbchristopher
Written May 06, 2013
I loved this movie and the action may have made this the best movie of the Iron Man trilogy. You may not agree that it is the best, but it is definitely a must see.
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By camjus5
Written July 29, 2014
Maybe my review is colored by the screaming babies (3 or 4) in the theatre (come on people get a sitter) but this Iron Man did not have the adrenaline rush or a great story line. The "fake" actor OBL theme was just dull.
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excellent third installment...

By c_haven
Written July 31, 2014
Okay so I never expected to say that I loved a 3 instalment of any movie. However Hollyweird has learned that they need to spend the $ on good writers and directors for each instalment if they want the audience to show up. They did spend the $ but also invested in the cast. slowly they are building each movie towards something greater and I cannot wait to see what happens. RDJ is excellent, Love Don Cheadle and even Gwen kicked go abs. Love Jon F returning as Happy, if not enough screen time. Guy pierce was respectively creepy. I do not have the proper superlative to praise Sir Ben Kingsley. Go get a bucket of Popcorn, some yummy treats and enjoys the ride. Well worth the $ and time.
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By bcjmunroe
Written May 04, 2013
What can I say that hasn't already been said about this movie. It was very good and I say if you have enjoyed all the other Iron Man and Avenger movies you will like this one equally. There is less Iron man action and more character development in this one even though the story is a hack job on the comic books. I feel like the people who make comic book themed movies just look at the pictures and say "ooh that looks cool" and don't bother with the story before or after the cool stuff. Comic geek rant aside I see movies as comic retellings and they will never be the same so I try to enjoy them for what they are. I was particularly fond of Stark's dialogue with the young kid. Overall I say go and see it and yes there is something after the credits (not a teaser but funny and worth the wait through the credits). Enjoy!
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