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**** !!!!

By mutlaqsd
Written September 15, 2013
do I really have to say............
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Mostly good performances, bad plot

By MichaelMRT
Written July 25, 2014
Pros: Good supporting performances. Awesome performance by Ben Kingsley. Nice to see the other armors Cons: Disposable performance by Paltrow. Bizarre PTSD/Anxiety attack plot line with Tony Stark character. Questionable plot/script decisions at several points in the movie. Hard to go into detail about the movie's problems without going into spoiler territory but there was a good idea here, just poorly handled. Maybe if Tony had PTSD/Anxiety attacks about his experiences in Afghanistan then Tony's problems after New York would be understandable. Instead they come from nowhere. Oh, and War Machine fans deserve to be outraged. tl;dr Best reason to see the movie is Ben Kingsley as the Madarin. Other than some genuinely funny one-liners, this is a miss as far as Iron Man goes.
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Mandarin a total disappointment

By edwardkeller314
Written September 16, 2014
I was loving the movie until "the Mandarin twist". After that I was tempted to get up and leave. It was a insult to fans of the comic book and enjoyed the Mandarin vs Iron Man battles. I got aroundTony's endless anxiety attacks because of THE BATTLE OF NY and the pointless destruction of all the iron man suits at the end. The Mandarin was always a key villain of Iron Man and was a good battle of magic vs Technology. That storyline could have been better utilized with the Mandarins magical rings had and tied into the other magical/cosmic items in the Marvel Universe like the tesaract. Next time Disney decides to give Shane Black who created such nightmares as Last Boyscout the directors chair for a marvel movie please reconsider and pick someone who wont massacre the story. you had Ben Kinglsey a excellend actor play a key Villain and made him a English actor who was controlled by Killain a second rate villain who runs AIM - a organization that is a Stark Enterprises knockoff. So sad.
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Better than iron man 2

By cbspock
Written May 04, 2013
Tony still dealing with issues from The Avengers battle in NY must don the the suit to avenge his friend's near death at the hands of The Mandarin. There are some great action sequences and the typical Tony / Pepper bantering. The villain in the film reminded me of the liquid Terminator from T2
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Great Show!

By wolverine_xmen
Written November 23, 2013
The film was great. I loved all the action. I even liked that they gave him a weakness and they included what happened in The Avengers and didn't just pretend it never happened. The Christmas theme drove me a little crazy but other than that it was an excellent show.
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