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Best IRON MAN of the series

By jdaron523
Written April 29, 2016
Awesome movie. A couple scenes were a touch predictable, yet there were a couple surprises. It was FULL of action AND humor. And I was glad to see it end the way it did. I'll be seeing it again with my 12 year old
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#3 is great!

By vabuttercup7
Written May 04, 2016
LOVED it! This movie is awesome! I usually worry about the 3rd movie in a series, but I was not disappointed in this one at all. I loved the first one, but this is a close second in my book. I love the funny quips and innuendos throughout. And, Ben Kingsley is amazing.
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excellent third installment...

By c_haven
Written May 29, 2016
Okay so I never expected to say that I loved a 3 instalment of any movie. However Hollyweird has learned that they need to spend the $ on good writers and directors for each instalment if they want the audience to show up. They did spend the $ but also invested in the cast. slowly they are building each movie towards something greater and I cannot wait to see what happens. RDJ is excellent, Love Don Cheadle and even Gwen kicked go abs. Love Jon F returning as Happy, if not enough screen time. Guy pierce was respectively creepy. I do not have the proper superlative to praise Sir Ben Kingsley. Go get a bucket of Popcorn, some yummy treats and enjoys the ride. Well worth the $ and time.
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Because It Is Fun

By ninazudjinn
Written February 12, 2016
(spoiler alert!) I had a ton of fun with this movie. I enjoyed the shock of seeing Tony's house demolished. I loved the "facing your demons" theme. Tony's interactions with the little boy where both metaphorical and hilarious! I enjoyed seeing Piper have a couple of moments where she was the hero for a change. The "good guys" were lovable, the "bad guys" were creepy and the movie moved along at the pace that we have come to expect from new superhero films. What is there to complain about? This movie is pure fun.
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Doesn't disappoint

By RandytheMovieFan
Written July 29, 2016
The action scenes are exciting, the acting is respectable, there are plenty of comic moments, and the plot has a twist that you won't see coming but will quickly appreciate. Not better than the first Iron Man but definitely on par, which means it's one of the best of the Marvel superhero movies. And as others have pointed out, it's nice to cheer for someone whose superpower is being really smart and creative, rather than a human who is an accidental recipient of some freak power or a demi-god from another world or dimension.
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