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Mostly good performances, bad plot

By MichaelMRT
Written July 25, 2014
Pros: Good supporting performances. Awesome performance by Ben Kingsley. Nice to see the other armors Cons: Disposable performance by Paltrow. Bizarre PTSD/Anxiety attack plot line with Tony Stark character. Questionable plot/script decisions at several points in the movie. Hard to go into detail about the movie's problems without going into spoiler territory but there was a good idea here, just poorly handled. Maybe if Tony had PTSD/Anxiety attacks about his experiences in Afghanistan then Tony's problems after New York would be understandable. Instead they come from nowhere. Oh, and War Machine fans deserve to be outraged. tl;dr Best reason to see the movie is Ben Kingsley as the Madarin. Other than some genuinely funny one-liners, this is a miss as far as Iron Man goes.
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Iron Man 3

By teeshirt51
Written June 05, 2013
Was rather disappointed with this film. IMO, not as good as 1 & 2. Decent action but story not that great. Robert Downey has the role down pat and the attitude was not as stuck up as in the first two films. I love Pepper though. She is the best. Should have kept the original Colonel though, switch actors doesn't do the story line smooth.
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Better than iron man 2

By cbspock
Written May 04, 2013
Tony still dealing with issues from The Avengers battle in NY must don the the suit to avenge his friend's near death at the hands of The Mandarin. There are some great action sequences and the typical Tony / Pepper bantering. The villain in the film reminded me of the liquid Terminator from T2
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Iron man 3

By nayahdiva
Written September 30, 2013
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WTF was this?

By Jvine2001
Written October 17, 2013
Not sure where to begin. It tried so desperately to go back to Iron Man 1 and force Tony to start a new life "with a box of scraps", but none of it made sense in the process. It was so herky-jerky from serious to humor that it was hard to take it all seriously. Action scenes were very unrealistic and thrown in for no reason (especially the one in Tennessee), bad guys and henchmen popped up from no where at just the right time, plot holes were conveniently filled at just the right moment, useless characters and random sub-characters that didn't need to be there (the kid, Maya, the Pres., Happy), the fact that Tony seemingly has a heavy-duty printer for his suits... and this was all before the movie took a complete nose-dive halfway into the film (regarding who "The Mandarin" actually is). Maybe I went into the film with too high of expectations, but I came out with a headache; one because it was midnight, but also because I metaphorically hit my head against a wall watching this thing.
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