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Perfect way to...

By spfu83
Written December 11, 2014
close a trilogy just hope they don't & also hope we get another movie from Robert. Really enjoyed the story & all the new suits, go Pepper way to finally get into the action. Sit through the credits you won't be disappointed.
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Just what I wanted

By jca814
Written September 28, 2016
I can see where some diehard fans might be put off by some of the jokes but I thought the movie was a great balance of action, drama/tension and fun. Just when you think there can't be more, there is. The story was very satisfying and is a great addition to the series but is also very watchable if you haven't seen previous installments. Downey Jr. definitely didn't disappoint and I thought the kid was hilarious. There's one scene that I laughed and laughed and I never laugh out loud at movies. Kingsley was also fantastic as well as Guy Pearce. Of course the CGI was awesome and in hindsight I think this would have been worth seeing in 3D. We don't always want to spend the extra money but this probably would have been great. Might have to see it again . . . which we also never do (in the theater). Stay for ALL the credits!
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Utterly Disappointed

By itsbrittanyann
Written September 29, 2016
I've been an avid fan of Iron Man for quite some time now, going so far as to reading and collecting the comics and going to the premiers of each new Iron Man movie. Last night was no exception. I grabbed my tickets early, got in line well in advance to beat the crowds, only to be let down by the biggest disappointment. I'm sure those that have not read the comics will certainly enjoy this movie, but for those who have read about Iron Patriot, The Mandarin, and Extremis I have no doubt in my mind that this movie will have strayed greatly from the stories. While creative license generally means good things for movies, I felt that Iron Man 3 grossly mishandled the story.
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By Action_Dan
Written July 30, 2016
Ok so without ruining it for anyone let me say, I hated the relationship between Tony and Pepper. Ironman spends too much time standing still waiting for the bad guys to hit him (this appears to be so we see how Tony is over-matched). He seems to hold his own against the "bad guys" without the suit, but in the suit he gets his butt handed to him?!?! Tony seems to have no contingency plan for when things go wrong. Also I thought that there were a few too many ironman suits in this episode, by about 1,000. And the Ben Kingsly character... we could have done without the plot twist. Waste of a great actor. The ending felt contrived and predictable since halfway through. When a certain event happens halfway through, I was thinking to myself, "Oh please don't bring this to the obvious conclusion, it would be so stupid." But they do. At the end we're supposed to believe that Tony is a new man, stronger than ever. I felt he ended completely emasculated and in dire need of therapy.
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Iron Man 3

By relangner
Written August 30, 2016
This was a great movie the action was non-stop and the twists were unexpected. Could have been more with Gweneth for the story line. Left me wanting more! Go see it!
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