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By topthrilldragster
Written July 04, 2015
Avengers was better. But this is a great movie. Excellent Effects. Incredible turn of events. You will be very surprised at what happens through out the film. Stay until after the credits are over for another surprise.
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Best of the three hands down!

By sea7
Written September 03, 2015
I can not begin to say how surprised I was that this third movie in the series was this time out!!! All the characters were fabulous! The humor and action and plot were intense. (The humor surprised me! people were laughing out loud throughout the movie! I did not expect the humor!) The special effects were stunning! The villains were almost nightmarish, there was serious tension, a ton of action and good character development. It was a good and fun movie to watch and didn't seem as long as it was which is rare. I am very pleased and I am over 50 and a woman who loves action-adventure movies like this. Highly recommend! GO for sure! You will have a blast!
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Happy Needs to Direct

By DaveWV
Written November 20, 2014
It was a bold new direction, but a bad one. It had the potential, but relied on RDJr to carry it with jokes. See it if you are a complete-ist, otherwise watch Avengers again. And I'm not a hater, I sat in line for 7 hours yesterday to be first. I wanted to love this movie as much as I did the first two (and Avengers).
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This one is for the people new to Iron Man, not the long time fans.

By JKitsune
Written February 14, 2016
To start off, I'll view the movie through my father's eyes. He likes any movie that goes boom and uses tons of special effects. In short, he loves every Jerry Bruckheimer film. Power to him, there is nothing wrong with that. From this perspective, the movie was great. Tons of special effects, lots of explosion and high flying action. Plenty of witty banter and corny cliches. It was another comic book movie that people can all sit around and talk about what part they thought was cool. For those people, this movie was great and I say enjoy. However, this is not some random character performing some random heroism to save the day. This is a 50 year strong comic book character that has an well established persona, to date. And so, for most of the casual and serious comic fans, this movie will fall short. If I had to point fingers, it would be newbie Shane Black. His script and direction left me wanting more and less at the same time. Good for the new fans, bad for the old ones.
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Rust on the Franchise

By MedRed
Written July 04, 2015
Do not expect a movie on par with the Avengers. Iron Man 3 in no way approaches the lofty bar set by that movie. IM3 isn't bad but didn't meet my expectations IM3's plot combines the genetically engineered super soldiers of the "Extremis" comic arc with an arms dealer brokering war for profit while playing on the ever current events of terrorism. These scenarios are worn out on their own and don't get any better together. Tony Stark's Avengers's adventure initiated PTSD is thrown in for good measure. IM3 showcases a linear, predictable plot against adversaries made unworthy by the movie's deviation from the comic. It also lacks attention to detail. Someone shouldn't emerge from a 3,000 degree explosion with perfectly pressed pants. The action is is well done but lacks creativity. Robert Downey Jr's comedic timing is the true hero of this movie. Watched in IMAX 3D. There is a scene after the (long) credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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