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Awesome Show

By imgijoe
Written May 06, 2013
Great Cinema. Great Acting. A liitle busy but understandable. Just wished Iron Man would have suited up in some bad ***new tech and kicked ***instead of struggling through malfunctions and ***whippings the whole show. Robocop would kick Iron Man's ass.
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Can't be saved

By WWBillG
Written May 04, 2013
The IMAX can't help. The 3D can't help. The state-of-the-art special effects can't help. This is a confusing and muddled mess. A bunch of special effects scenes that make no sense together, In fact, when the action drops this is a dull and dark story. At least half an hour too long. Too bad, I had been waiting for this one since I really enjoyed IM2.
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Iron Man 3

By zavala11973
Written May 13, 2013
This movie was awesome in imax i never want to see a movie the old way ever again iam a huge fan of marvel movies and iron man is my favorite loved all the three movies
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Good but not great

By jaretmcb
Written May 03, 2013
I thought the frist IRON MAN was the best. IRON MAN 3 is maybe as good as IRON MAN 2 but a long way from meeting up the Avengers. Acting and directing was up to par with the other films but was a little slow at times. As far as if the whole family can watch, it had the same amount of language and violents as the other films. The movie is just a tad more violent than the others but if you took them to see the other IRON MAN movies there isn't any surprises. As always in Marvel movies wait for a clip after the credits.
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Big, loud, dumb fun

By cinemaniac1210
Written May 06, 2013
The usual blend of top-drawer SFX and Downey's snarky humor, with a nice twist of Tony Stark's emerging anxiety disorder thrown in to spice things up. Ben Kingsley also gets a couple of great scenes as the man behind the Mandarin. The multi-Iron Man climactic battle is way over the top, but that's pretty much the deal with comic book blockbusters these days -- anything less than every inch of the screen fill with whooshing, exploding action would feel like a letdown. We are truly addicted to spectacle. IMAX version was fun -- this is, after all, a BIG movie. 3D is a **joke** -- it adds nothing to the movie-going experience except a few more dollars in the studio's pocket,
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