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Thank goodness this is not the end

By Cbgm238
Written May 03, 2013
Iron Man 3 delivers on all fronts. Of the three installments this film measures up. The action sequences are very fast passed and true to what we are used to see from être franchise. Robert Downey JR delivers a stellar performance and the increased roll of pepper and Rhodes is well placed. There are some dissapnting aspects to the story line mostly centered on the villain and the use of multiple suits that leave you felling a bit cheated. Ben Kingsley's roll was outstanding throughout the first half of the film and then there is the second half which failed to capitalize on his screen presence. Ultimately I left the theater satisfied with the experience but glad to see that Tony Stark will return. Had this been the end of the Iron Man journey I may have felt differently. This is a must seen in the theater due to the experience and seeing it in IMAX 3D is the only way to get the full experience. Enjoy and rejoice that there is more to come.
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Good but not great

By jaretmcb
Written May 03, 2013
I thought the frist IRON MAN was the best. IRON MAN 3 is maybe as good as IRON MAN 2 but a long way from meeting up the Avengers. Acting and directing was up to par with the other films but was a little slow at times. As far as if the whole family can watch, it had the same amount of language and violents as the other films. The movie is just a tad more violent than the others but if you took them to see the other IRON MAN movies there isn't any surprises. As always in Marvel movies wait for a clip after the credits.
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Big, loud, dumb fun

By cinemaniac1210
Written May 06, 2013
The usual blend of top-drawer SFX and Downey's snarky humor, with a nice twist of Tony Stark's emerging anxiety disorder thrown in to spice things up. Ben Kingsley also gets a couple of great scenes as the man behind the Mandarin. The multi-Iron Man climactic battle is way over the top, but that's pretty much the deal with comic book blockbusters these days -- anything less than every inch of the screen fill with whooshing, exploding action would feel like a letdown. We are truly addicted to spectacle. IMAX version was fun -- this is, after all, a BIG movie. 3D is a **joke** -- it adds nothing to the movie-going experience except a few more dollars in the studio's pocket,
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Iron Man 3

By zavala11973
Written May 13, 2013
This movie was awesome in imax i never want to see a movie the old way ever again iam a huge fan of marvel movies and iron man is my favorite loved all the three movies
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Amarillo (so-called) IMAX

By MovieFranatic
Written May 06, 2015
LOVED the movie!!! I saw Iron Man 3...3 times on opening day!!! The 3rd show I attended was in (so-called) IMAX. I said "so called" because the theater's idea of an IMAX presentation is showing the movie on a "regular" sized movie screen...and charging people $15 per ticket. This is NOT a true IMAX presentation! Sure, the picture & sound quality was superb...but...without the huge, HUGE IMAX movie was NOT an IMAX feature. This movie theater is cheating the people of Amarillo, Texas!!!
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