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Iron Man (IM3) is Invincible after all

By movielover_prg
Written May 03, 2013
Brilliant graphics, good plot/story-line, awesome action sequences (air force one crash/skydivers, WOW!!!) - couldn't have asked for more. My only complaint, there was insufficient introduction to the Archenemy of Iron Man, The Mandarin! Where are the 10 rings? Mandarins background in China? The one villain against whom he feels so week, the one one power Tony or his Armor was not made to fight, Magic! Why?? Fine, moving on..."Spoiler alert", Why waste Ben Kingsley? he could have made a "real" killer Mandarin. Don't get me wrong, Pearce is fantastic too, as the tattooed Mandarin. But he could have made a better loyal right hand to Mandarin (Kingsley).
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Iron Man 3

By MAdams323
Written May 06, 2013
My husband and I went to see it on IMAX and it was an amazing experience. We loved it! It was my favorite Iron Man movie. We are making plans to see it again this weekend. Our daughter is 4 years old and I don't think she would of enjoyed it - maybe for kids 10 and up. Make sure you stay until the end!
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Amarillo (so-called) IMAX

By MovieFranatic
Written February 11, 2016
LOVED the movie!!! I saw Iron Man 3...3 times on opening day!!! The 3rd show I attended was in (so-called) IMAX. I said "so called" because the theater's idea of an IMAX presentation is showing the movie on a "regular" sized movie screen...and charging people $15 per ticket. This is NOT a true IMAX presentation! Sure, the picture & sound quality was superb...but...without the huge, HUGE IMAX movie was NOT an IMAX feature. This movie theater is cheating the people of Amarillo, Texas!!!
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Best Summer Movie Yet

By MovieLion143
Written May 27, 2013
Fantastic. Worth movie tickets and definitely worth on IMAX. Loved it. Humor was great. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect character for this. Can't wait to see it again. I have seen all the movies out there including Fast & Furious 6. This is still the best!
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Iron Man Tony Stark without the suit

By ebbystoddard
Written May 07, 2013
Iron Man 3 was a Great summer action flick. I do not go to these movies thinking this is going to be the next best picture. I love the explosions and action. It is a leave your brain at the door, suspend reality and just enjoy 2 hours of escape your life.
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