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Greatest Iron Man

By darababyd
Written May 03, 2013
When movies turn in to trilogies i get nervous about the quality and certainly about wasting my time late at night on a work night for the premiere... Let me just say - Iron Man 3 .. has restored my faith in Trilogies... This movie was excellent, more than you could possibly ask for from Robert Downey Jr, the other actors, directors and creators of this movie. Action packed, suspense and excellent story line from beginning to end... (Don't forget to stay til after ALL credits have rolled for another short clip) I loved this movie... and would watch it again and again .. As good, if not better than first but definitely better than the second one. ENJOY!!!
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Very Good Third Installment

By lynnmovielover
Written May 16, 2013
I really enjoyed Iron Man 3. Fans of the comic may be put off by the character of Mandarin, but there was humor, special effects, and twists. The perfect formula for an entertaining summer film. However, the first Iron Man is still by far the best.
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Iron Man 3 Rocks it....

By movielovermom5
Written May 05, 2013
Love the fact RDJ did a lot of the acting outside the suit. GP was awesome too and kicked but in end ending. Ready to go see it again!
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What where they thinking

By x storm
Written May 04, 2013
I love all of Iron man movies, but who ever wrote the plot to this I have to say "what where they thinking" . It was all over the place, I left the theater scratching my head, not because it was itching. It did not WOW me like the others. I hope Thor is better..
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Iron Man (IM3) is Invincible after all

By movielover_prg
Written May 03, 2013
Brilliant graphics, good plot/story-line, awesome action sequences (air force one crash/skydivers, WOW!!!) - couldn't have asked for more. My only complaint, there was insufficient introduction to the Archenemy of Iron Man, The Mandarin! Where are the 10 rings? Mandarins background in China? The one villain against whom he feels so week, the one one power Tony or his Armor was not made to fight, Magic! Why?? Fine, moving on..."Spoiler alert", Why waste Ben Kingsley? he could have made a "real" killer Mandarin. Don't get me wrong, Pearce is fantastic too, as the tattooed Mandarin. But he could have made a better loyal right hand to Mandarin (Kingsley).
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