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It's A Good Third & That's saying alot!!!!

By dmskulzzzz
Written August 31, 2014
I knew I would see this movie (good or bad) - I do like the story line (tho' some seems dis-connected). Although while waiting for the movie to come to the theatre I heard that the character (Tony Stark) would not be drinking in this movie - initially, I thought that was a bad idea - but I was much pleasantly surprised that it worked without the alcohol driven personality, there was still enough narcissim & sarcasm for anyone. It wraps up a story line very well - but extremely loosely (very loosely) hints at a fourth movie. Overall, I Loved It and if movie tickets weren't so expensive would see it at the theatre again. Go & Make your decision about the "New" Tony Stark.
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Wow! That was.........."eh".

By pfreeze
Written September 21, 2014
From the early trailers, I expected something rather dark, brooding, and exploring the profound effects of a life changing experience (a la The Avengers) as Tony Stark went back to living his "normal" life. What I experienced was something which wanted me to suspend my disbelief too far (even for an Ironman movie). It was a bit insulting. My oldest and his two friends (12 yrs old) LOVED it. They gave it an average of 8.5 out of 10. For me, it was probably the worst of the three. It felt like this movie tried to be so many things, but it left me feeling shortchanged on most levels. It was a shotgun approach which failed to hit many of the targets (sub-plots) it tried to address. Having said all that, I actually enjoyed Ben Kingsley's character in the end, and I liked the Air Force One sequence with Ironman to the rescue. The rest of the movie seemed either "forced" or too much fluff and not enough substance. Overall, not bad, but definitely NOT good.
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By drewdoehring
Written May 05, 2013
This movie does an absolutely awesome job of bring together the first two in the series to a fantastic finale. Plus a surprising unforeseen twist after the credits. It is definitely a must go and anyone who doesn't go and has seen the first two is missing out on a fantastic movie! five out of five stars.
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Iron Man 3 3D

By ToMarty2
Written October 28, 2014
Best of the Trilogy. Can't wait for the next one...... Cept for one red Elec Car, did AUDI Proud !! Far more story introducing more (and future?) Actors or Leads as Robert Downey Jr. ages on and off screen. Action sequences 2nd to none, with phenominal final Battle ! IRON MAN 4EVER !!!
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Iron Man 3D

By Jorge-Arteaga
Written November 26, 2014
I like the movie ! The acting, music, directing, cinematography, writing, special effects were very good. This movie has a message, that make you meditate on the purpose of life, and I like that. I will recommend it to all kids and adults.
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