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By lsarmiento21
Written July 12, 2013
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Iron Man 3

By psambrose
Written October 25, 2014
Great, action-packed movie. Love Robert Downey, Jr., especially his sense of humility. Don't think you need to see this movie in 3-D; however. We did see it in 3-D and wore the glasses, but there was not enough 3-D action to necessitate it.
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Great Movie but... (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

By Theatre_Chick
Written December 18, 2014
So it was a great movie. I loved it. It was everything I love about Iron Man and Marvel. However.... it wasn't quite what I was expecting based on the trailer and the adverts. The Mandarin was not what I was expecting... I won't give anything away... but I'll just say that it was a little bit of a let down... I was a tad bit disappointed... It was still a great movie and I enjoyed it but wasn't quite what I was led to believe by the previews. And at the end, there was something with Tony... again won't give anything away... but I'm not sure if I like that they did what they did... Oh and BTW, stay after the credits... I'll just say two words: Science Bros
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Good movie. Strong turn in storytelling style from Avengers

By kichline
Written January 31, 2015
Don't go into this movie expecting the Avengers. In fact, I may even go so far as to say don't go into this movie expecting the traditional Marvel formula. Iron Man 3 demonstrates the strongest story of the franchise but also perhaps the weakest action. After the events in The Avengers, Tony is broken, beaten and full of self doubt. All the action sequences in the movie reflect his fragile state and are subsequently so-so at best. Sure there is one huge fight (as there are in all superhero movies) that's pretty cool, and the villain is great, but in terms of our hero, we never see the Iron Man that existed before New York anywhere in the film. It's also possible we may never see that Iron Man again. A solid 4 out of 5.
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Much better than expected from reviews!

By HammelMom
Written May 05, 2013
Going into this movie I was hesitant because the reviews stated it was dull with too much emphasis on the 3D action effects. When we got to the theatre I was really worried because we had to sit toward the front & I thought for sure I'd get motion sickness. Thankfully not only was I completely wrong but my son & I keep saying how much we loved the movie. Tony Stark is extra funny and extra full of himself. He and Pepper are the best they've ever been together and the new characters are equally fun. The action is as expected and the story was as funny as it interesting. This movie makes it hard to decide which Iron Man we like best!
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