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Good Movie. Not great but worth seeing

By heathmeeks
Written January 26, 2015
I think they did a pretty good job on the movie. For a third movie especially after the climax of the avengers it would have been hard to keep it at that high a level. There were areas of disappointment for sure, but overall I enjoyed it.
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It's good enough but not better!

By Drugofchoice
Written January 29, 2015
Cons: They could have done a way better job with the Manderin story line.The potential of this movie being a mega Avengers follow up was there but it lacked follow through.I feel like part 2 had more substance and of course part 1 was the apex of it all. I don't want to give away anything for those of you that haven't seen it but lets just say that dramatic twists 3 quarters of the way through the movie left me a bit disappointed.They should have kept going in the same direction and i feel it would have worked way better. Pros: Luckily,Robert Downey Jr. is such a great actor that what the movie lacked in follow through he more than made up for in character.He still had great one liners and the action was the spectacle you would expect to see. He definitely had formidable foes to deal with and had to use more than just his physical attributes to take care of business. It was definitely entertaining even in some of the long periods without any action.I feel its worth watching!
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Loved it....

By mdbabygirl73
Written July 28, 2014
Great movie! Loved Tony as always-MY SEXY MOVIE CRUSH....the twist w/Pepper was awesome....The Mandarin was an evil genius (hope to see him again)....loved the "House Party"...hated the "Clean Slate"....War Machine/Iron Patriot was beast.... And before you die-hard comic book fans chime in,...No, I do not read them, but I do understand the movie villain is not as evil as the comic book version. Cant wait to see this bring on my other movie crush----THOR!!!!!!!!!! :-)
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Real 3-D Steps It Up

By Cherylcat
Written April 21, 2015
Downey, Jr. plays the Iron Man role on the droll side, and over-acting is his forte. Still there is enough whiz-bang action, special effects and strong supporting cast to make this one a go-see. Gwyneth Paltrow is strong, and Ben Kingsley playing an actor hired as smoke screen bad guy was thoroughly entertaining. 3-D was really good in this one. I give it 3 out of 4 popcorn bags ;)
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Not bad

Written April 19, 2015
Action scenes were great. Plot (I know, why even discuss plot for an action blockbuster, but I'm thinking even compared to its two predecessors) requires more of a logical leap of faith to follow.
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