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By gsoldier19
Written November 30, 2014
I knew from the start I would like this movie, but when I saw it on the big screen (XD screen to be exact) I was blown away. The new tricks that they had given Tony Stark in this movie was too cool and the way he got out of some jams was incredible. Also, one of the biggest twists of all with the Mandarin, that was crazy. It had a lot of funny parts, too. Total overall, just AWESOME! MUST GO! CHECK IT OUT!
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Lots of great action but a bit lacking in the humor department

By mrobichek
Written December 01, 2015
After reading some of the reviews, I had fairly high expectations when I went to see Iron Man 3. While the action was terrific, and the plot was fairly good, the movie took a bit too long to get to the fun action, and a movie like this can't live on dialog alone. There was a little humor but not enough for my taste. Overall, it was a fun way to spend 140 minutes.
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By pleeker
Written October 06, 2015
Really wanted to love this, but it never clicked for me. I thought the first Iron Man was very intelligent in addition to all the action. Iron Man 2 a little less intelligent. This one didn't seem intelligent at all. Lots of great action scenes, some very funny bits andI loved the kid acting with Robert Downey Jr. - great scenes. But overall ... just "meh" from me. Definitely plan to see it again, though. Sometimes movies are better on second watch.
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The Man is Back in Ironman!

By debandbillshaw
Written February 11, 2016
Excellent Special Effects - I give an edge to "Into Darkness" thou! Great theme a man's iron will against another man's! Another - will the real man stand-up and show themselves, nice effort to bring that together! Excellent humor and dialogue.
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IM3 Awesome

By TK Lear
Written August 01, 2015
I thought Robert D JR. did some of his best acting ever. The plot was intriguing and the actors did well developing it. There were several funning parts as well. The action sequences were awesome and Tony Starks new inventions were ingenious and fit the movie well. This was suited for almost all ages 6 & up. Should see an Iron Man IV coming soon.....Stay for more dialougue after the credits!!!
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