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Epic Thriller

By AllyBrooke87
Written December 20, 2014
The film was very thrilling and kept you on the edge of your seat with action. We saw it in XD 3d and that was an amazing experience! We will definitly see the rest of our action packed movies in XD! We Loved this movie and can't wait for Avengers and Thor to come out, it is a great Movie Experience for all ages!
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By pleeker
Written February 01, 2015
Really wanted to love this, but it never clicked for me. I thought the first Iron Man was very intelligent in addition to all the action. Iron Man 2 a little less intelligent. This one didn't seem intelligent at all. Lots of great action scenes, some very funny bits andI loved the kid acting with Robert Downey Jr. - great scenes. But overall ... just "meh" from me. Definitely plan to see it again, though. Sometimes movies are better on second watch.
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By hilliert
Written February 27, 2015
anyone who likes this genre of film, superheroes and action figures, will enjoy Ironman3. Robert Downey continues to play the ego centric, intelligent and smart talking Tony Stark. very entertaining.
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Stark meets Bond 007

By xelifbabalu
Written October 04, 2014
First off, as far as franchises go this one is doing well so far. Iron Man 3 starts off with the Stark showmanship we've seen in the other films, but this one quickly turns into a Spy/Terrorism thriller. The first two thirds of the film had me on the edge with real danger, thrills, and laughs, then I felt it ends with too many Michael Bay style booms. Too often super hero films tend to back off on the gravitas the comic writers try so hard to inject. It seems studios are afraid of retaliation from the moms of the youngsters that want fun not anxiety, but anxiety is what make the hero necessary and gives the film an opportunity for a satisfying end and an emotional release for the audience. If Marvel wants a long and worthy life, they should learn from Chris Nolan's second installment "The Dark Knight". It wasn't just a great super hero movie; it was a great movie!
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Real 3-D Steps It Up

By Cherylcat
Written February 02, 2015
Downey, Jr. plays the Iron Man role on the droll side, and over-acting is his forte. Still there is enough whiz-bang action, special effects and strong supporting cast to make this one a go-see. Gwyneth Paltrow is strong, and Ben Kingsley playing an actor hired as smoke screen bad guy was thoroughly entertaining. 3-D was really good in this one. I give it 3 out of 4 popcorn bags ;)
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