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Iron Man 3 - What a Bust!

By bdavfand
Written May 03, 2013
Horrible storyline. Boring introduction, great action sequences and acting by Downey Jr. with a blaise, kumbaya ending. Very disappointing. For those that were excited by the previews and having awaited this movie on the heels of The Avengers, disappointment is assured.
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cool movie, not enough 3-d

By dariusd18
Written October 31, 2014
It was an interesting movie, great storyline and action. The 3-d was lacking though! There wasn't much 3-d action worth spending the extra money to see the 3-d version.
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By pleeker
Written July 26, 2014
Really wanted to love this, but it never clicked for me. I thought the first Iron Man was very intelligent in addition to all the action. Iron Man 2 a little less intelligent. This one didn't seem intelligent at all. Lots of great action scenes, some very funny bits andI loved the kid acting with Robert Downey Jr. - great scenes. But overall ... just "meh" from me. Definitely plan to see it again, though. Sometimes movies are better on second watch.
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The Man is Back in Ironman!

By debandbillshaw
Written December 18, 2014
Excellent Special Effects - I give an edge to "Into Darkness" thou! Great theme a man's iron will against another man's! Another - will the real man stand-up and show themselves, nice effort to bring that together! Excellent humor and dialogue.
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Iron Man pulls out all the stops and pulls on your heartstrings too!

By DragonslayerRowynne
Written October 29, 2014
This was the most emotionally charged Iron Man performance to date. Everyone from Happy to Pepper to Stark himself and even faithful Jarvis deliver riveting dramatic tension, but there are still plenty of pyrotechnics and the hard-hitting, butt-kicking steel-suited hijinks we have come to expect from an Iron Man experience. I don't think I'd bring anyone much younger than the PG-13 rating implies though, with somewhat graphic portrayals of violence to human body parts.
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