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cool movie, not enough 3-d

By dariusd18
Written June 30, 2015
It was an interesting movie, great storyline and action. The 3-d was lacking though! There wasn't much 3-d action worth spending the extra money to see the 3-d version.
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Not bad

Written February 07, 2016
Action scenes were great. Plot (I know, why even discuss plot for an action blockbuster, but I'm thinking even compared to its two predecessors) requires more of a logical leap of faith to follow.
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Iron Man3

By annieAMC
Written February 12, 2016
My 7year old grandson said it was great!I thought it was fantastic.I have not seen all of the previous movies, but Iron Man3 was one heck of an action packed movie.I actually would see it again if offered the opportunity.Does the ending mean this is it for Tony?
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Iron Man 3

By jeanmcarlo
Written May 22, 2015
I saw this in 3D and loved it! Robert Downey Jr. always gives a first rate performance. I loved the humor interjected into the script. The special effects were amazing. I noted, happily, that the language was appropriate for young audiences...refreshing after all the gratuitous cursing that exists in most movies today. Don't miss!
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It's A Good Third & That's saying alot!!!!

By dmskulzzzz
Written February 11, 2016
I knew I would see this movie (good or bad) - I do like the story line (tho' some seems dis-connected). Although while waiting for the movie to come to the theatre I heard that the character (Tony Stark) would not be drinking in this movie - initially, I thought that was a bad idea - but I was much pleasantly surprised that it worked without the alcohol driven personality, there was still enough narcissim & sarcasm for anyone. It wraps up a story line very well - but extremely loosely (very loosely) hints at a fourth movie. Overall, I Loved It and if movie tickets weren't so expensive would see it at the theatre again. Go & Make your decision about the "New" Tony Stark.
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