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It's Iron Man, why wouldn't you go see it???

By ldbryant55
Written February 06, 2016
I try not to read reviews, at least until I've seen a movie. Afterwards, sometimes I can't resist, but it always ends up pissing me off. There are so many cynical f***tards out there that wouldn't be happy no matter what, and I guess since it's the internet and it's their right to free speech, they have their say. Some of the dumbest criticisms I've read of this film include: "The movie was nothing like the trailer. They lied to us". What??? You're mad because they didn't give away the whole story in the trailer??? You should never go to the movies again. You should just watch trailers & then write reviews, jack***. Another one was, "They totally strayed from the comics/cartoons, and ruined the villain". You're upset because they didn't go with a formulaic, two-dimensional, bond-type villain, and instead gave the audience a little something different, for a change? Go play in traffic, like a good fanboy. For everyone else, go see the movie, it's entertaining. Period.
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An entertaining film

By 809
Written July 27, 2016
Movie was full of story. I enjoyed the movie, had its moments of laughter and action, but lots of story. Not the best of the 3, but enjoyable. If comparing it to The Avengers, I'm sorry, it isn't close, but still worth seeing in the theater.
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Iron Man 3

By stryc
Written January 24, 2017
I go to see the Iron Man movies for “Iron Man” action stuff in the suit and the special effects. Robert Downy is a great Tony Stark, with his quick wit/banter and delivery, but I don’t want to see him duke it out with super beings in street clothes thru 90% of the action scenes. I say pass and wait for it to come out on DVD/Blu Ray.
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That what I'm talking about...

By artg77
Written July 30, 2016
The action is there, the story hooks you. Considering today's terrorism topics, the story is current. Throw in the Ironman persona, you got Ironman 3. And Pepper got the suit! Story twists and of course, the Tony Stark one liners. I really enjoyed this show.
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Great Film!

By benjamindavidleehill
Written May 24, 2017
I enjoyed this movie a lot. Downey Jr's acting was superb. There are twists in the plot I didn't see coming. Just a fun, funny, action film, with great visual effects.
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