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IronMan 2

By mcrtnyfan
Written May 24, 2010
Awesome, can't wait for #3!
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Iron Man 2 is better than Iron Man 1

By maddog_music
Written November 26, 2015
Iron Man 1 is good but Iron Man 2 is so much better. Iron Man is amazing
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Iron Man 2

By 3drules
Written May 14, 2010
The story was good.Special effects were awesome and detailed.Scarlett was HOT!!! The bad guy was just the type you love to hate.Now thw bad things.Only 2 songs by AC-DC were played in the movie! What the hell? Not enough action scenes.{I think Iron Man 1 had more)And there should have been more fighting between good and evil.Overall its a good movie but I think the first one was better.Good movie for all ages dpending on your sensitivity to violence.
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Ironman 2

By iufander
Written June 03, 2010
Loved it...Robert Downey Jr is brilliant in this role. Can't wait for the next movie...Thor is coming!
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SO much better

By chan_cry
Written May 11, 2010
This move was so amazing, so so so much more better then the first one. It is totally worth more then what u pay for. i LOVed iT ....u will love it to
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