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Iron Man 2

By Elon9669
Written May 24, 2010
Just good fun. Nothing too deep This movie won't be as good on a smaller home screen. (get the full effect by seeing it in the theater)
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IronMan 2

By mcrtnyfan
Written May 24, 2010
Awesome, can't wait for #3!
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Iron Man 2

By davidmonheim
Written June 03, 2010
My 13-year-old son and I agreed - a good movie but not as great as the orginal. The special effects are good and I love Robert Downey, Jr. but the writing wasn't as compelling as the original. In the credits, Mickey Rourke was listed as "with" and Samual Jackson as "and", even though he was only on screen for a few minutes. I think Mickey deserved better billing. A good movie for adults and for boys of a certain age (sorry, ladies, I'm not a sexist ,but I don't think most teenage girls are into this kind of movie). No nudity or sex, but lots of violence and plenty of swearing (including the "f" word). Depending on prices in your area (I paid $20.00 for tickets but $17+ for popcorn and drinks!), I think you could wait until it comes out on DVD.
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By iMack
Written April 28, 2013
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By deanp
Written May 15, 2010
Downey is great as Iron Man as is Mickey Rourke as his nemesis. Lots of action, keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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