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Not Dark Knight

By cjzielie
Written May 04, 2010
After watching this movie, I find myself wishing i had just watched Dark Knight over again this movie's jokes are corny and half the time they try to hard to put references to upcoming movies in it. If you loved dark knight you wont like Iron Man 2, as it is a cartoony version of Super hero movie. Credit is due for Mickey Rourke though as he makes the perfect villian, but little time is focused on him, and more on a drunken hopeless idiot that is tony stark. while this movie will make millions upon millions of dollars. it just isnt even close to the acting and intrigue of the dark knight.
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What a blast!

By Movie_Buff_86
Written May 07, 2010
I just saw "Iron Man 2" today and it was even more amazing than the first. There are tons of action and battle scenes throughout the movie which will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you want to start your summer off right, i suggest seeing "Iron Man 2" to kick it off. There are many new characters in this movie and you will not be dissapointed at all. "Iron Man 2" is a movie for all ages!
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This was a good sequel...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written May 19, 2010 I read through these reviews,I think some people are just convinced that any sequel will be inferior,and with good reason. This one,however,is one of the few exceptions. More dialogue and story,which some complain about,make it more appealing to a wider audience and they did a nice job. Subject matter was not superfluous,although sometimes a little elementary,but then that is important for the schoolkid group who want to follow the story.Pretty women in tight clothes,I guess,need to be a part because the whole superhero comic thing is larger than life,but it did not need half nude dancers and as much sexual innuendo as there was. I LOVED Tony's humanity and the fact that we see more than his narcicism here. Rockwell and Rourke were simply outstanding and Cheadle filled his predecessor's shoes quite well. Paltrow and Johannsen (sp?) very admirable in making supporting roles top knotch. If I have any valid complaint,it would be the scatteredness of plots. excellent will see again
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Great family movie

By moe12moe
Written May 20, 2010
This pictur was action packed form begining to end. I really liked that it was kid friendly were I could sit with my son without covering his eyes or ears. It also had a real good story line to follow with out jumping form one idea to another. You will love the action that takes place, to the point I was flying my arms and legs to help Iron Man fight the villain. As you will see he had more then enough help without giving the story away. This is agreat movie for the family to watch together and have much to talk about after the show. The MUSIC in the movie even has you partying in your seat. Enjoy the show!
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Iron Man II

By IronManLou
Written June 17, 2010
Iron Man was done folowing the basic comic book story lines.It was done well with great action and special effects. It didn't have the impact of the original which I considered to be a first rate film, probably the best of the comic book genre I had seen so far, with Robert Downey creating a Tony Stark that quite frankly made the movie a blockbuster. The sequel was quite frankly a sequel, and the Tony Stark character became more of a buffoon, emotionally stunted lacking real development rather than the responsible super hero Stan Lee created. It was this image that made Iron Man a super hero, a leader, despite not having any real super powers. It was not the suit that made him. Mr. Downey captured that quality in the first movie and is suprisingly lacking in the second. Still performances were adequate, humour trite and predictable, and action superb. Its a don't miss for comic book afficiaonados and very entertaining either way. Kids and game freaks would be captivated.
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