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Iron with Vitimins

By I Like 2 Movie Movie
Written July 03, 2010
I really enjoyed IronMan 2, considering I didn't see part 1. Not knowing too much about the story of Ironman from movies or comic books, it really was a great ride. Tons of action, totally funny, and semi-romance. Downy surely embodies the charater Ironman and is really a great pick for this role. Charming yet tough, funny but not in a stupid way like Daredevel. All the other super charaters in the movie played well too especially Cheatel as the sidekick. And it didn't hurt that Scharleltt was in the movie too :) ! Can someone get me Samual L. Jackson's agents number? He in everything. This may be one of the greatest comicbooks to movie films since X-Men. And if you are ready for Thor, stay in your seat until the last credit and get a glimse of what's coming next. Once again, great movie and definately will go back (on dvd) and see part 1 and can't wait til part 3. 4 & 5!
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By ritusmart
Written October 01, 2010
Loved the movie. This time its bigger than the 1st part. I liked the special effects, they are too good. Plot is very delicate and predictable though. But, worth it.
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By rejnmoore
Written September 01, 2015
awesome flick
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iron man 2

By will2590
Written May 10, 2010
the movie was good but not great like the first movie
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Rusty Man

By HBRuss
Written May 14, 2010
What can you say? Another movie not living up to it's potential. Too over the top/campy. Love Downy but he's too far out there in this one. Needed to develop the plot leading into the Avengers more, but I was at a loss for the real meat of this movie. Wait for it to be on HBO.
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