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By tiffanystory
Written May 20, 2010
I lOVE IT! Mainly because of the love story that evolved. I also loved the fact Iron Man just is, and that he isn't hiding trying to pretend to not have powers., Can't wait till the next one...
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As good as the first, maybe even better!

By gunslinger454
Written May 24, 2010
If you liked the 1st Iron Man, you'll really like 'Iron Man 2'! And as a side note, in this movie Scarlett Johansen is easily the hottest professional assistant I have ever seen!!!
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Great sequel!!!

By Turboty
Written May 24, 2010
This was a great sequel, and saying that is normally reserved for The Dark Knight or Spiderman 2 when it comes to comic book movies, it is rare when a sequel is as good or better than the first, but this did a hell of a job. I'll be going to see it again.
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By Chris8272
Written May 25, 2010
So much potential! Where did it all go? It was amazing to see how much time could be squandered on watching the retarded excesses of Tony Stark. Could we have a Story? Could we have a Plot? It wasen't even just fun enough to just let go and enjoy. Do yourelf a favor and rent it - later, much later, after a few drinks. You won't remember this lame duck anyway.
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Five Word Review

By scandanavianmpcMICHAEL
Written May 14, 2010
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