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SO much better

By chan_cry
Written May 11, 2010
This move was so amazing, so so so much more better then the first one. It is totally worth more then what u pay for. i LOVed iT ....u will love it to
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By ritusmart
Written October 01, 2010
Loved the movie. This time its bigger than the 1st part. I liked the special effects, they are too good. Plot is very delicate and predictable though. But, worth it.
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Rusty Man

By HBRuss
Written May 14, 2010
What can you say? Another movie not living up to it's potential. Too over the top/campy. Love Downy but he's too far out there in this one. Needed to develop the plot leading into the Avengers more, but I was at a loss for the real meat of this movie. Wait for it to be on HBO.
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By deanp
Written May 15, 2010
Downey is great as Iron Man as is Mickey Rourke as his nemesis. Lots of action, keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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iron man 2

By will2590
Written May 10, 2010
the movie was good but not great like the first movie
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