Iron Man

By jensmenger
Written May 16, 2008
We thought this movie was great...I was able to go see it with my husband and two boys and basically there was something in it for everyone! The 'bad stuff' was fairly minimal..the 'one night stand' sex scene was uncalled for and wrong....I believe bad language was moderate. The story line was good..pretty engaging--special effects of course were amazing. Overall, we went away feeling well entertained with out too much deep thought--which is good every once in awhile! Also, I thought it was well cast.
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By funkyt86
Written May 08, 2008
I was truly blown away by this movie... honestly I wasn't expecting much considering the last few marvel movies I've seen but this one truly takes the cake.... it put it right up there with the 1st spider man!!
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Iron Man Rocks

By joseph101
Written May 01, 2008
Other than the kinda confusing direction that the director took at the beginning the movie was intensely awesome. Who better to play the role of a drunk, womanizing genius than Robert Downey Jr. He played the role of Tony Stark to a tee, and even though I am not a Gweneth Paltrow fan at all, she did an excellent job of Pepper Pott. The CGI was awesome, especially the scene with Iron Man trying to escape the F-22's. Jeff Bridges played a great role of mentor, partner, and enemy. Overall the movie is a definate Must Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 out of 10
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By Mrs Hawkins
Written May 02, 2008
My fiance and I went to the 8:00 show last night and the movie was awesome. I am not really big on super hero movies, but Ironman is now my new favorite movie of the year. Robert Downey, Jr. was the best person for the role and he did a terrific job. The movie provided entertainment, funny lines, action and held my attention the entire time. Terrence Howard was great and had a larger role than I anticipated. I plan to see the movie at least two more times.
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Jaw Droping, and heart stoping

By jenningsad
Written October 08, 2008
I have to say throughout my live i've grown attatched to comics, and super heros. With such a hero as iron man, one has to question, "Are you sure they can do the comics name good?" and yet again the people at hollywood have done good. 3 things I look for in a movie when I watch them is 1 a good catch from the start, 2 good plot, and storyline, and finnally 3 a finish that makes me want more. This movie has done all of them. From start to finish this movie has captivated, and entertained me, and I recommend this movie to anyone from children to adult. As a warning this movie does have one sex scene/implication but it doesn't go into great detail, so parents be warned. I only had one problem with the movie, and that would have to be the fact that the action was shortlived. Each time the suit goes active for a fight scene, it ends way too fast, it could be that they didn't do a good job, but I believe it was the fact Iron Man kicks major @$$!
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