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By crunk_posby
Written May 12, 2013
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Well Worth It

By irishheartbeat
Written December 22, 2015
Preposterous, amazing, satirical, and decidedly unamerican--this movie is a breath of fresh air from the predicable and mundane state of North American sci fi. Watch it for its unique take on racism and clever slant on technology. Be entertained as a child and an adult at the same time your wondering what planet this was dreamed up on. Very entertaining and not just a little bit funny.
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Great concept

By evanmccutchin97
Written October 14, 2015
I liked just about everything about it except for some funny scenes... The nazis are advanced and probably do have a moon base I liked the skinhead scene but Sarah palin launching space crafts? Eh, hope there's a 2nd with Mars nazi base and they destroy the earth
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