Irene In Time

By Nancypryor
Written December 29, 2012
Irene In Time is a father-daughter story that examines that relationship, through Irene's (Tanna Frederick) experience and interviews with her friends about their fathers. It's a funny movie about a twisted woman who's looking for her father in every date. Yikes! If only she picked better dates - and better books to read about dating! Those scenes were my favorites. Victoria Tennant, Andrea Marcovicci and Kelly DeSarla were great, as was the music from Harriet Schock and her band. Tanna Frederick's characterization of Irene will make some women feel better about themselves, based on her emotionally packed performance. The interviews with other women about their fathers were fascinating and ran the gamut from women who had no connection to their fathers to the "Daddy's girls." There's something for everybody. Henry Jaglom fans will love it and I'll bet he picks up quite a few new fans.
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Irene in Time

By Rich S
Written June 20, 2009
What a dissappointment! The trailors were better than the actual movie. Purportedly a study of a young girls search for love in the image of her much adored "daddy", it is actaully three threads woven indiscriminantly and artlessly in the neurotic haze of West LA. One thread portrayed as a collection of self-absorbed women kvetching about their experiences with "men" as if these could be lumped into some characteristic game or technique. The other is a maudlin set of sequences overacted and unintentionally funny in which reminences and romantic ideals are conflated in dreamlike fashion to end predictably in Frederick's character's dismay. A kind of Charlie Brown in the dating world thread. Finally these motifs are punctuated with a few "group therapy" scenes that I supposed were inserted mock-umentary style to give "meaning" to the "story"; get it? One wonders if the Director was present during the filming or just showed up in the cutting room later. The dialogue is awful. Save your $
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By makemelaughoutloud
Written April 28, 2010
What a spectacular film. The main character, Irene, played by Tanna Frederick takes you all over the emotional map from her musings about her father to her dates from Hell. I like I was not watching, but sitting by the pool with the characters discussing their fathers. Henry Jaglom has done that over and over in his films - you're not just watching, you're actually in the scenes with the characters. There's a lot of real talent in this movie - Victoria Tennant, Andrea Marcovicci, Kelly DeSarla, Karen Black, David Proval and the ever-present Zack Norman. Go see it. Buy it. Rent it. Just see it. Be prepared for some surprises.
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Irene in Time: A movie with soul.

By hughrocks
Written June 25, 2009
Irene in Time is a real emotional roller coaster ride. As the movie began I immediately started to care for the characters and because of its at times fly on the wall documentary style this movie really pulled me in and made me feel like I was right there in the middle of the story struggling along with these characters on their journey. The movies star Tanna Frederick is simply phenomenal. Most of the songs in the movie are written by Harriet Schock and performed by Harriet and her band. The songs and their performances are the foundation on which 'Irene in Time' is built. Schock's song 'Dancing With My Father' is especially powerful and provides a stirring backdrop to the movies emotional conclusion. Overall this is definitely not your typical Hollywood movie, it is a movie with soul. It pulled me right in and lingered with me long afterwards. This was the first Henry Jaglom movie I've seen and I loved it so much that now I can't wait to go and rent his other movies
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By FilmMusic1
Written June 26, 2009
I heard the piano first and turned to my daughter and said, "that sounds like Harriet Schock on piano," and I kind of chuckled. Of course she didn't know who Harriet was or what I was talking about. Then the first picture in the studio, and I said, "Hey, that looks like Harriet. That is Harriet." I really set up. "What's going on here." As it turned out, what a wonderful Father's Day the movie made. And as critical as I am, I must say that the movie was inspiring, emotional, touching, reflective and so entertaining. In fact, there was a moment when I said to myself, "you'd better not cry in here." The photograph was excellent. The acting, simply superb. The story and the way it was delivered were more than palpable. So before you have to wait in line, go now and see IRENE IN TIME. For me, I wish you the best of reviews. Great job!
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