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The complex relationships between father
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Irene In Time

By Nancypryor
Irene In Time is a father-daughter story that examines that relationship, through Irene's (Tanna Frederick) experience and interviews with her friends about their fathers. It's a funny movie about a...

Irene in Time

By Rich S
What a dissappointment! The trailors were better than the actual movie. Purportedly a study of a young girls search for love in the image of her much adored "daddy", it is actaully three threads...


By makemelaughoutloud
What a spectacular film. The main character, Irene, played by Tanna Frederick takes you all over the emotional map from her musings about her father to her dates from Hell. I like I was not watching,...

Irene in Time: A movie with soul.

By hughrocks
Irene in Time is a real emotional roller coaster ride. As the movie began I immediately started to care for the characters and because of its at times fly on the wall documentary style this movie...


By FilmMusic1
I heard the piano first and turned to my daughter and said, "that sounds like Harriet Schock on piano," and I kind of chuckled. Of course she didn't know who Harriet was or what I was talking about....

Walked Out

By pamelita_anita
This movie was a little like seeing your neighbor's kindergartner's recital. The proud parent enjoys every minute, but any another person would only stay, smile and nod if the parent were a close...

Tanna Frederick sizzles in this flick.

By flickerticker
Irene in time is really something. She's hot, she's crazy and I'd date her. Short of that I got the DVD after seeing the film with my girlfriend. Those date scenes are ridiculously funny and pathetic...


By hungrylikethewolf
I saw a screening of this movie recently. I love that there are independent filmmakers out there willing to take risks! I saw myself in a lot of the female characters and thought the cast did a...

"Irene In Time" is a MUST see!

By moovienut
Henry Jaglom has outdone himself - again. This is his best film yet. Tanna Frederick's quirky, adorable and sometimes maddening character made me laugh and cry. Harriet Schock's beautiful songs are...

Good Movie

By slickdock
I enjoyed it. Strange and quirky. Not the run of the mill hollywood formula... Thank God....

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Rated PG-13 | For thematic elements and some sexual content