Saying yes is easy staying yes is alot harder

By moviemaven65
Written September 29, 2007
A beautiful film filled with laughter for the audience and cheers for the characters as they struggle against themselves and everyone around them to stay with the 'yes' in their hearts and guts. The story is uncoventional yet well within the bounds of eccentric movie comedies, past and present. A modern day Judy Holliday, Jennifer Westfeld manages to move through life wth a smile and openheart for everyone she meets. Her parents are mainstream social misfits while her boyfriend Chris Messina is of course her and their polar opposite: introverted, underachieving son of over achieving, super anlalytic, outwardly very proper parents. Not as over the top as Meet the Parents, but definitely more laughs per dollar of production costs by a wide, wide margin. ring a friend and be prepared to laugh and cry and certainly root for them to make it as committed partners, institutionalized or not.
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Ira & Abby

By flickjunkie
Written September 23, 2007
Oh Brother. Snore!
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