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Ip Man 3 Synopsis
Martial-arts master Ip Man (Donnie Yen) takes on a crooked developer and his gang of brutal thugs.
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IP Man 3

By D-Chan
This movie was amazing! Please don't be fool, it's not mainly about IP Man fighting Mike Tyson (he gets the most 5min of time in the movie) But it has all the awesome Wing Chun Fighting style we all...


By pdelrio
Very good story line, with a heartfelt ending as well. Aside from the fight scenes which were fantastic. It had a very true message for the end. Anyone who is humble and truly understands the world...

Ip Man 3

By ksonnenberg1
Ip Man 3 was a very well-done film, far better than Ip Man 2. The cinematography was several cuts above the last one with detail and loving attention to set design. Acting was very good. They brought...

Ip Man 3

By Bcrawford2
Movie was excellent. Amazing acting and story......

Good movie, must watch.

By Akam1653
Action all the way!...

As good as the others

By carolinaore84
So much talent from Donnie Yen, really brought the story of Yip Man with honesty and such great martial arts fights and choreography...


By patrickwayneriley
Incredible! Definitely did not stray from the excellence of 1 & 2....

Amazing movie

By jovanymolinero
I personally believe the first one is the best one but doesn't take away how I feel about this film it was worth the drive. Only wished Bruce Lee was taught or to had a bigger role in this movie....

awesome love IP Man!

By stacgore

Ip Man dissapointment

By mannellatt
Total fan of the first 2 movies, although they are defenitely now true to life. Ip Man 3 was a total dissapointment....

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief Strong Language and Martial Arts Violence