Great follow up to Ip Man

By Broken_Wings
Written January 19, 2011
The story continues off where Ip Man ended. Ip Man again struggles to survive in war-torn times but this time, with a different adversary. Fighting sequence is superb. It's a 'must watch' if you liked Ip Man. I suggest watching the first Ip Man prior to 2, but it's not crucial to keep with the storyline.
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By jazzihamid
Written August 22, 2014
Ip man
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By jo87se
Written January 29, 2011
I saw this movie already, if you like the first one, than you will like this one also. Like always jonny does not disappoint in his fighting scenes. This one will have you drawn in to it. Making you feel what the characters are feeling. Great movie. This one's for my fellow Wing Chun students and master.
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Ip Man 2-Very good sequel

By dwlawdog1221
Written February 12, 2011
NO SPOILERS-Ip Man 2 is a very good martial arts movie about one of the most famous proponent of the art of Wing Chun kung-fu. It starts out with a brief scene recollection of Master Ip's battle w/the Japanese General Miura during the Japanese invasion of the town of Foshan. After defeating Miura, Master Ip's good friend Chow Ching-chuen takes Master Ip and his wife and son to Hong Kong to escape the Japanese rule of Foshan. Master Ip now wants to teach the art of Wing Chun in Hong Kong which is under the rule of Britain authority. Prior to being allowed to teach, Master Ip must face an area rights of passage from the other Masters. Shortly thereafter, a brash British boxing champion named Taylor "The Twister" Milos arrives to provide entertainment, however he also takes to making various insults about the Chinese, their martial arts and inability to beat Milos. Master Ip challenges Milos. In the end there is a special treat for JKD and Wing Chun practitioners! A great MA movie!
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By Ronin Bahamut
Written August 11, 2011
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