Into the Wild Synopsis
Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) sheds his possessions and makes an ill-fated trek to Alaska.
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Absolutely Engrossing Film Had to see it 3 times

By OutdoorGurl
As an outdoor enthusiast and trained whitewater paddler I must say this film was absolutely AMAZING! I also LOVED Krakauers book. I must admit i was never any huge fan of Sean Penn but I applaude...

"happiness only real when shared."

By rosettamarie
Into the Wild is definitely a story that must be witnessed by all. The wisdom of the world shines through Emile Hirsch's haunting portrayal of Christopher McCandless; this movie, above all, tells a...

Incrediby Powerful, Beautiful, AMAZING

By quaidlong
Rarely have I been more moved by a film. The performances were brilliant, especially Mr. Hirsch, Ms. Keener and the endearing, heartbreaking Hal Holbrook. Tears began streaming quietly down my face...


By primkat86
Phenomenal acting! Just sad it took me so long to watch it!...

Award Worthy Efforts!

By rattlesnakeruss
Paramoun/Vantage, Sean Penn, Emile Hirsh, Jon Krakauer, etc., all deserve exemplary credit for bringing this true life adventure to the cinema where we can all learn something from this brave young...

Solemn and solid

By Skyliners
a very captivating film. I can't recall having seen anything similar in which I knew the ultimate outcome and was still so gripped by the main character's life and actions, yet I hoped for, well,...

I created an account so I could review this movie

By micaelasofi
This move was so amazing. I really did create an account so I could review it. I scoffed a bit at the beginning, but the actors were amazing and the characters so real. I liked the character more and...

Extraordinary and Moving

By IrvThal
Until about the 45-minute mark, "Into the Wild" seemed to be everything I was fearing -- a celebration of a hippie joker who becomes "enlightened" by spurning society. And then, through narration,...

Into the wild

By liamrocks
i was/am a huge fan of the book and was not disappointed in any way with the movie. I think Sean Penn did a brilliant job bringing christopher mccandless's story to the screen. I feel he caught the...

Not that great

By bigbds
I'm not sure what really went on but boy... this movie made Chris out to be a selfish little dude. Didn't really like the lead character from the start. The supporting cast was awesome but, Chris...

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Rated R | For language and some nudity
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Common Sense Media says Powerful, tragic true story is too heavy for kids.
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