The Gravity of Twisters!

By sandiegorollsroyce
Written November 21, 2015
I saw this film last night at Comic-Con in San Diego. The entire cast, director, and producer were present which indicates to me that they were both proud and enthusiastic about the film. This film does for twisters what the film Gravity did for space! It really did feel like we were taken into storm to experience being in the eye for the very first time in our lives. It didn't feel like C.G.I. graphics. The storms looked very real. The feeling was genuine due to the superior sound technology used to make it feel like sounds of flying crashing debris all around the theatre. The final storm scene will be worth the price of admission. It was free for us during Comic-Con in San Diego). The huge airliners that are lifted up into the sky were incredible and at one point the audience is taken up into the sky to witness the calm clear skies through the eye The film opens with a young group of students facing an ominous twister then cuts to various folks trying to live their lives in a setup to having us want to care about whether we will care if they will survive or not later in the film. The funniest group is the Jack-***style of rednecks trying stunts for YouTube hits which only number 525 but for them that's viral. The film then cuts to the storm chasers and their wickedly outfitted vehicle designed to endure the high winds. It's a very snazzy little battle tank. The chasers don't always agree on how best to find storms, but they are surprised by a hail storm at one point, which starts the initial stages of the coming doom. Not everyone survives, but we did care whether they did or not which to me says that they did a great job of wanting us to care especially the Jack-***stunt guys who cross paths a few times with the actual storm chasing team which was hilarious for some reason. You will enjoy this film which is meant to be enjoyed on a large screen with powerful sound which cannot be experienced as well in your living room! It definitely adds something to the natural disaster genre that has never been captured on film before. It's hard to believe the team recreated tornado alley in Detroit where the film was shot. A fun thrilling ride into The Eye of The Storm!
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The Visuals Rock!

By sleightclub
Written November 21, 2015
The scenes and visuals rock which is the allure of the film since most will not recognize a single actor. These can be seen as both pros and cons. I agreed with the choice to go low key and away from the big name actors to keep the focus on the devastation. Most people will not like some of the acting in this. I agree with the other review about the funny antics of the YouTube 'Jack-Celebrities", but I would have dismissed the whole high school storyline. The real celebrity of the film was the storm chase vehicle and its capabilities. I met the entire cast at Comic-Con and someone posted great pics of the chase vehicle at The Nerd HQ Community Bulletin Board. If you go to see the thrilling storm you will leave very satisfied. If you go to see a great story or acting, not so much. It's best seen in the theater and not at home unless you have a huge screen and speakers.
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Critics are wrong!!!

By danaberry99
Written August 23, 2015
This movie was fun, epic, exciting, and funny. Usually I agree with the critics on their ratings, but they got this one wrong. Do not listen to the critics, this a fun movie that I would watch again from redbox.
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By imaautismom
Written January 28, 2015
Son & I are so EXCITED for this upcoming TWISTER on steroids flick on August 8th. We are thrilled with the previews & can hardly contain our anticipation :-)
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A good movie that reminded me of Twister

By carboski99
Written August 31, 2014
This was a good movie that centers around finding tornado's which reminded me a little of the film Twister. There were some predictable moments in the movie but all in all it was definitely a good movie and worth seeing in the theaters.
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