Absolutely Engrossing Film Had to see it 3 times

By OutdoorGurl
Written October 31, 2007
As an outdoor enthusiast and trained whitewater paddler I must say this film was absolutely AMAZING! I also LOVED Krakauers book. I must admit i was never any huge fan of Sean Penn but I applaude him for bringing this inspirational, insightful and tragic lifestory to life. The OVERWHEMING majority all agree that this is A DEFINITE MUST SEE MOVIE. Chris McCandless touched the lives of all he came in contact with. There was something truly special. about this very intelligent young man. It's a shame that he became estranged so deeply from his parents As a parent myself it broke my heart to see what his parents wound up going thru --and i too wished he woud have contacted his sister. However these people making all those really unnecessary UNDESERVED slanderous comments about mccandless deserving to die, saying the movie is a waste of time because Penn is a retard--etc---way beyond what was called for ---you peeple have bigger issues than anything you accuse McCandless of
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"happiness only real when shared."

By rosettamarie
Written March 13, 2008
Into the Wild is definitely a story that must be witnessed by all. The wisdom of the world shines through Emile Hirsch's haunting portrayal of Christopher McCandless; this movie, above all, tells a highly profound story. I would not nearly consider myself the adventure-seeking type, but I was so very impressed by the absolutely beautiful natural shots throughout the film and the intertwinement of being one with nature and one with humanity. It is a seemingly long film, but what is amazing about it is that so much is conveyed with very little action... just deep reflection that will be forever embedded in my mind. This is a deeply touching film and I only have the highest respect for Sean Penn when it comes to his work -- his brilliance is evident once again in this film. What an cinematic endeavor, but truly a masterpiece.
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Incrediby Powerful, Beautiful, AMAZING

By quaidlong
Written September 25, 2007
Rarely have I been more moved by a film. The performances were brilliant, especially Mr. Hirsch, Ms. Keener and the endearing, heartbreaking Hal Holbrook. Tears began streaming quietly down my face near the film's end, and by the time the credits were rolling, I was near sobbing! I honestly don't think there was a dry eye on the entire theater. I cannot say enough about this wonderful, poweful, beautiful, evocative film. It truly transcends whatever you might be expecting as far as genre, or "a Sean Penn film," etc. It touches on something so basic, fundamental and universal. It left me speechless and trembling. Often difficult to watch, yet leaving me wanting more, this work of art will surely stay with me for a very long time.
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By primkat86
Written April 01, 2012
Phenomenal acting! Just sad it took me so long to watch it!
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Award Worthy Efforts!

By rattlesnakeruss
Written December 14, 2016
Paramoun/Vantage, Sean Penn, Emile Hirsh, Jon Krakauer, etc., all deserve exemplary credit for bringing this true life adventure to the cinema where we can all learn something from this brave young man's life and death, Christopher McCandless, (Alex Supertramp.) I was cast as an extra on the Anza Borrego set called, "Oh My Godd Hotsprings", for a 3 day shoot and it was one of the toop experiences of my life! Several times I felt the Spirit of Chris out there on the desert, and I could feel his overwhelming humble gratitude for such a monumentous production to share the hard lessons he learned to the end. I nearly died in a school bus in alaska in 1979, and this story really hit home for me. I know this film will answer many peoples questions about living off the land, or the road, and is sure to be a long time favorite for all! rattlesnakeruss
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