Interesting concept, but not without holes.

By miahz
Written October 31, 2011
The film's vision is interesting, this alternative future/present. Something that could be. But only if you don't look too deep below the surface. Stylized retro cars with electrical sound effects, unique fashion including gloves and long sleeves to cover these implanted wrist clocks, but no mobile phones? Swipe your wrist to pay for everything. Classes segregated into "time zones" you must pay a huge toll to cross? This world where time is literally money and and no one ages past 25, makes for a few clever scenes, but starts to feel preachy very early on. We're meant to feel bad for these people struggling day-to-day, while they live in a video game world that turns making a living into a race against the clock. Oh, but it's the few evil rich people hoarding all the time for themselves that are to blame! Hmm, sounds familiar. But it's hard to feel anything for these flat characters. The actors can't be blamed much — the script is just not that deep. All vision, little substance.
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Not enough time to Develope this one

By micahe
Written October 29, 2011
I'm a Justin Fan, but this film left a lot to be answered. I thought it was under developed. The ending felt like it was just getting started. The Characters were too obvious and too quick to catch our "hero". I didnt like knowing that Citizens had no control over their destiny and time lay just down the Street in a Bank. It was a hard concept to swallow. It didn't seem real. The extras seem like they were out of a Charles Dicken's Christmas Special. It just felt like it had potential but missed the mark.
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In Time

By pmurr
Written October 29, 2011
Set in a dystopic future where "time" has replaced "money" as the currency, I really liked this movie for it's ideas. The film had some slow spots and the acting wasn't anything that will win an Academy Award. The cinematography was excellent in conveying the dread of the people living in the ghetto just barely surviving juxtaposed with the ennui of the wealthy who weren't really living either. This film said alot about our current economic situation and class warfare depicted as the rich were confined to one time zone and the poor to another. I thought Justin Timberlake did a credible job as the antihero striving to change society for the better. Amanda Seyfried was ok as Timberlake's superrich kidnapped girlfriend. She gave the film some pretty good comic moments as well as adding to the damsel in distress motif. I would say that this film would be appropriate for most teenagers, but not little children. In conclusion, this film has some strong ideas that were communicated well.
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Good movie, thought provoking, cool intriguing

By nng
Written October 29, 2011
I had no clue what this movie was about but got a decent enough feeling about it. I'm sure the concept has been done before and better, but of all the lame weird movies out there this one was different. Its set in the future when people's lives are attached to time which is the almost currency system... cool concept, different, and the way the movie was done was good. The actors all did a good job including justin timberlake except for some cheesy beginning scenes and with his mother.. Yes sci-fi type concept but still done well- this is a movie to check out for sure... and one that'll leave you almost liking the current world you live in....
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"In Time:" Keeps Time Perfectly...An Engaging & Entertaining Film

By Al P
Written November 02, 2011
Every now and then someone shows a little imagination out there in 'Hollywoodland.' Albeit rare, ever so often we get to see something new, or something old repurposed as new-like. Such is the case with "In Time." Those accustomed to staccato, thrill a minute, type movies might actually miss the allegory in this film. There's a story here and then there's another much subtler one. It's no classic or a blockbuster but "In Time" is solidly entertaining, end-to-end. That's why I go to the movies, to be entertained. This one's definitely worth the price of today's theater ticket. There's violence and a few scenes that could be disturbing to small children. Otherwise, I think it's safe viewing. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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