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In a society where time is money, the wealthy live forever, while the poor beg for precious minutes.
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Interesting concept, but not without holes.

By miahz
The film's vision is interesting, this alternative future/present. Something that could be. But only if you don't look too deep below the surface. Stylized retro cars with electrical sound effects,...

Not enough time to Develope this one

By micahe
I'm a Justin Fan, but this film left a lot to be answered. I thought it was under developed. The ending felt like it was just getting started. The Characters were too obvious and too quick to catch...

In Time

By pmurr
Set in a dystopic future where "time" has replaced "money" as the currency, I really liked this movie for it's ideas. The film had some slow spots and the acting wasn't anything that will win an...

Good movie, thought provoking, cool intriguing

By nng
I had no clue what this movie was about but got a decent enough feeling about it. I'm sure the concept has been done before and better, but of all the lame weird movies out there this one was...

"In Time:" Keeps Time Perfectly...An Engaging & Entertaining Film

By Alon Patterson
Every now and then someone shows a little imagination out there in 'Hollywoodland.' Albeit rare, ever so often we get to see something new, or something old repurposed as new-like. Such is the case...

A must see for the sci-fi fan!

By alaskaman79
Great movie, does an awesome job of juxtaposing the future with the current social political and financial situation in this country. The rich control the wealth and can live for eons while the poor...

In time

By roxy326
It was a lot better than I thought it would be..a little slow in a few parts but for the most part kept my attention.....

In Time, go see it!

By SuperDuperDad
I really enjoyed this movie, two thumbs up! The scene with the mother is incredibly powerful and pretty much sets the intensity for the rest of the film!...

In Time - a timeless Robin Hood duo

By globalreach
In a society that doesn't grow old, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, those with time enjoy life while those without scrounge for time just to survive. It's a new take on the fountain of...

A script written in the centuries

By bradleywaynebrown
Probably the most powerful aspect of In Time is the dialogue. It has classic lines reminiscent of philosophers of bygone times. This story is of greed and courage and echos the streets and parks of...

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence, some sexuality and partial nudity, and brief strong language
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