False Advertising

By Yoda51
Written November 13, 2007
My wife and I had high hopes for an enterntaining time at a well-acted movie. Tommie Lee Jones is a great actor and the supporting cast was very good. The movie developed with its theme and seemed to be a dectective thriller while being supportive of our military. When we saw the last scene raising the flag upside down in a distress signal, that was too much and we felt this disrespected our troops. We are at war and must support our troops. Since terrorists are cowards and have no limits on their behaviors, anything that undermines our troops aids and abet the enemy. This movie was close to traitorous in its underlying message of disdain for our military. We felt as though we were misled by all the ads and film trailers. Susan Sarandon should stop into a hat shop and get measured for a burka because she seems to feel disdain toward the country and the movie patrons that pay to her perform.
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Thumbs Down

By chips1
Written September 26, 2007
Don't go see this movie, unless that is you hate our military. Then you'll love it. It's another attempt by Hollywood (you know, we hate the war but we support our troups crowd) to convince us that most of our young soldiers are mentally unstable and do terrible things. Of course we do have a cross section of our population in the military and once in a great while someone is involved with a crime. And we deal with them. As former combat Marine, I just don't understand the hollywood folks.
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By tonygallego
Written October 24, 2007
We thought the movie was very informative, shows what war does to the minds of our youth. Some become very violent and do things they would never think of doing, and some loose their senesces completely. I am aware that both sides do atrocities, but that does not make it right. War is hell. I say, bring back our boys so they can start to get their minds back to civilian life.
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War Politics all over this one

By bster82
Written October 03, 2007
I like Tommy Lee Jones! I see most of his movies and think he is a great actor but....I don't like his politics or Susan's. His acting is great in the movie but..let's see..how many different ways can you slam the military, namely the army in this case, in one movie. There is NOTHING positive about the Army in this one and don't think, those of you who know nothing of the military, that this is the way it is. How many slanders against the army can we name out of this film...Torturers, sadists, butchers,murderers, drug users...I will leave a few for you to name if you see this trash. They even slam the Veterans Administration! The only good soldier is Jones and by the end of the movie he is sleeping in an unkempt bed, waking up late and finally slandering the flag. He prays over dinner and then tries to tell the story of David and Goliath and leaves out GOD! What dribble. I don't get what the name of the film has anything to do with the movie. NOTHING! Not worth it!
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In The Valley of Elah

By frank1234
Written October 27, 2007
Excellent movie, I recommend it very highly.
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