An Inspiring Must See

By wantmoneysworthfrommovies
Written September 06, 2007
I was privileged to see this movie at an advanced screening on the 38th anniversary of the first moon landing. The entire movie is made up entirely of interviews with the astronauts and archived footage from the missions. I didn't grow up during the time of the 'space race', but space has always interested me. I liked Apollo 13 just as much as the next guy, but this documentary is different. You actually get to know the astronauts that have been to the moon. I always knew they were cool, but who knew they were so entertaining? I'm sure some of the die-hard space fanatics have seen a lot of the footage before, but I'm guessing that most of you haven't. And apparently, NASA released new footage specifically for this film. This movie moved me and inspired me. I hope everyone gets the chance to be reminded of how amazing the space program really is.
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In the shadow of the moon

By sbm
Written September 16, 2007
Superb documentary which captures, through in-depth interviews with Apollo astronauts as well as with rarely-seen NASA footage, what it felt like to be on the moon and to be part of the space program in the 60's and early 70's. A must see for anyone interested in this fascinating period of our history. Extraordinarily well done and memorable.
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Facinating history and insight

By etubrutus
Written September 16, 2007
From the vantage point of 2007, it's hard to believe there was a time when people around the globe saw the U.S. as a force for good. But the story of the space program is a remarkable tale of how presidential leadership and vision, and technological drive and ingenuity came together magically. In telling the story of the Apollo prgram --and in particular Apollo 13--the director brings us face to face with the astronauts as real people as they reflect on their experience and its larger meaning. As a documentary, it is both gripping and inspiring to watch.
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Movies that make us better!

By Movies_that_inspire
Written September 27, 2007
Movies, in my opinion, offer more than just entertainment, they offer us a chance to reflect, think, and in some cases grow. This can only be realized when great film makers - like Ron Howard - inspire us through their art. I am taking many dads and their kids to see this film. From the trailers, I can see that this film will be a discussion topic between my son and I for some time. This was more than just about going to the moon. It was proof that collectively mankind could achieve the insurmontable. A lesson we could apply to many issues today. Update: Just saw the movie. Exceeded all expectation! I highly reccomend this movie.
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One For The Ages...

By JettScreamer
Written September 16, 2007
...Arthur C Clarke, the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, once said something to the affect that "a million years from now, the only thing that our generation will be remembered for, was that we humans left earth for the moon for the first time." In a nutshell - Project Apollo. If there is any truth to that idea, then "In The Shadow Of The Moon" will be THE documentary to tell that story. Along side "For All Mankind", this is one for the ages.
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