Stupid people.... LOL

By sancho2613
Written January 11, 2008
Well Paul Disastro the point is even if these are sneak previews and whatever little clips u might see here and there what's the point of writing any kind of REVIEW if you haven't seen the movie yet? I'm sure you're all smart people and can figure out what a REVIEW. I don't see how you help anyone by writing about a movie you never seen, giving your "opinion" about a movie is really something nobody here cares about give it to your friends instead because we come on here to read REVIEWS not opinions, or whether the previews look good or not. Maybe there's somewhere else you can you can talk about your "opinions" wich really is worthless cause you haven't seen the movie. Give your opion AFTER you see the movie and if you don't want to watch it then don't even bother coming here just to say "it looks crappy" or stupid things like that wich don't help out at all
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In the Name of The King

By teamradrz1
Written January 12, 2008
Let me first say I love movies and almsot find them all entertaining. This movie was just plain bad the acting was horrible, alot of the costumes were horrible for the era, the cast had some great actors but they were not in their comfort zone of what they portrayed. the only saving fact that kept me in the theater is my youngest (11) seemed to be enjoying it. Halfway through people started to leave and then the blatant rip-offs of other movies, (like Matrix, and LoTR) had the audience cracking one liners which had everyone LOL. I blame this fiasco solely on the director as the special effects were cool and I could have looked past the evil guys costumes, but the movie had no flow and and it really seemed like none of the actors tried to give a good performance. I thought to myself they must have sold their souls to the devil to get into the movie buisness and this movie was the devil collecting his fee.
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Jason Rocks

By caflick
Written December 24, 2007
Another Jason Staham thrill ride (Crank was awesome) and this film delivers the goods. Good old fashioned action adventure that has great special effects. I loved it and so did all the folks at the screening. See it!
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By Kryptonian
Written January 07, 2008
WOW, Burt Reynolds, Jason Statham, AND Clair Forlani, in the same movie. Ron Perlam, Ray Liotta, who cares if this movie will be poorly written or not, I'm sure the effects will be cool, i think just watching this cacophony of actors in the screen combined with an ancillary story that parallels Dungeons and Dragons. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. You could waste your money on a lot worse things. Kryptonian
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Jason what were you thinking?

By zalnivol
Written April 19, 2008
I am so glad I did not pay to see this movie. I watched it recently on video, at a friends house. It was corny as all heck!!!!! I am a huge fan of Jason Statham and he did play his part well as always. But the movie in general was a HUGE disappointment!!!! When are they going to retire poor Burt Reynolds?
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