In the Loop Synopsis
Opportunistic British and American bureaucrats jockey for position as the U.S. prepares for war.
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This Movie is Perfection

By chesleya
I honestly am shocked and appalled at the sheer number of negative reviews for this brilliant, gut-wrenchingly funny, tight political comedy....

Smart and Tight Political Commentary on our Times

By Powerhugs
I loved this movie...All of those who hated it just didn't get it I suppose.You really had to listen to the dialogue in this film and every other line was another witticism...Sure its an anti-war...

In the Loop

By RexStout
I walked out of a matinee after spending (wasting) $8.00 plus another $12.00 for refreshments which I didn't even finish. First of all, I had no idea what the movie was about going in. Second of...

In the Loop..out of the loop without subtitles

By tasgalmovies
Very entertaining, though at times plodding. Not much of a plot, premis got lost. Subtitles would help only because some english slang needs explaining. Funny but vulgar, which was a big part...

“IN THE LOOP” -- From “Useful Hypocrisy” to “‘BUGSY MALONE’ with Real Guns” = Rating: 8 of 10 stars.

By jimchudnow
This clever satire has a bunch of witty comments (including ones above), funny characters & situations and zestful acting. Simon (TOM HOLLANDER) is the British Sec of State for Int’l Development &...

Five Word Review

By kaykayaa
hilarious hilarious lemon hilarious GO!...

Five Word Review

By spamtrap
Cacophony of verbosity and pomposity....

Five Word Review

By magikoflife
british washington hilarious vulgar excellent...

Five Word Review

By SamDelhi
Genius Laugh Out Loud Funny...

Five Word Review

By mmb0240
Clever Witty Hilarious Genius Fun...

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