What parents need to know

Parents need to know that while it's been marketed as a teen-centric romance, the movie includes some heavy subject matter. Teen girls will want to see this drama thanks to star Adam Brody -- aka Seth from The O.C. -- but his character here isn't a teenager; instead, he's a man with women issues. A central character has cancer, and its onset affects her entire family. Plus, a teenage girl smokes, drinks, and has a combative relationship with her mother, and a sometimes-senile grandmother believes she's on the verge of death. There are a few passionate kisses, and the protagonist's job as an erotic-film writer is mentioned throughout the film.
  • Families can talk about women's roles and mother-child relationships. Does being a stay-at-home mom make a woman worthless, without anything to show for her life? Why does Lucy perceive her mom as a failure and a fake, and how does Carter challenge Lucy to change her perspective? How does the media depict housewives? Is this film an accurate portrayal? Families can also discuss the difference between Sarah's relationship with her two daughters and how Carter helps the women around him feel better about themselves.
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