Angelina Please Read This

By myself78
Written January 27, 2012
You did a great job capturing the brutality of the war ... the human psychology as it goes through it's stages of fear, loss of dignity, courage etc in its fight for survival. However, as you decided to bring attention to such an important event in recent history, you had the responsibility as an artist to show the whole picture , not just a one sided view. There were many Serbian victims too. I have personally met and talked to many of them. I have even viewed some of the original photographs of the atrocities and listened to unspeakable details. Now, those victims are being victimized twice by your film. Even if you just added something in the credits , that all sides suffered under the insanity of this war. It is an utter shame what happened to the victims. They will never be able to be at peace again until they are with God. Anyone that has hurt those poor women should go to hell .... I just wanted to let you know, that all sides were evil doers and all sides were victims. Amen
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A Total Surprise

By SimpleGalSF
Written January 16, 2012
This movie surprised me. The acting was great and heart felt. The fact that the movie is subtitled, worried me a bit. The movie kept me interested and emotional. Excellent job for the first time director, writer, and producer...Angelina Jolie!
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By sweetangel1051
Written March 03, 2012
This movie was heartbreaking, my heart was so sad watching this. To see what humans can do to other humans. We will all be questioned one Day for our crimes against each other. I applaud Ms. Jolie for making a film like this, showing the different sides of war. The actors were brilliant, so real that I felt I was watching events unfold live. Obviously the love story was made up, but it gave a different dynamic which I liked. To see how torn they were being with each other, how they were to deal with carrying out the relationship after they were abruptly forced into opposite sides. I do not know much about the Bosnian War, but I'm glad I watched this film. Makes me want to read up on it to see what all went on. There are both evil and innocent people on each side of war; so sad that the evil appears to be more powerful...
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5 Stars for Angelina

By cemanno770
Written December 26, 2011
5 stars for Angelina Jolie because she actually had the courage to create a movie about the devastation and genocide which happened in Bosnia. It was almost like re-living the moment. I cried during more than half of the movie. Seeing the sadness in the movie, actually gives everybody a sense of what Bosnia was like, even if they never even heard of the country.
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Realistic movie

By KostakurtaMan
Written February 09, 2012
I think that movie was very dark and depressive. Movie should be called "In the Land of blood and rape". Angelina went completely with the dark side of the war and yet, she did not present any bright moments and positives that we could find at that particular period of war in Bosnia. So, where is the honey? Bosnia is a beautiful country with civilized people and yet, there was a lot sadistic scenes which had happened during the war but, I think that was just too much of it. Also, it should be more balance in a movie. War wasn't just about hatred and genocide. Politics was heavily involved in the war and she should picture it in the movie while interfering with the story. However, movie was realistic and even though it was made in Hungary, I thought that it was able to recreate Bosnian landscaping and urban cities. Not bad for Angelinas first movie. I was expecting less creative movie but it has certainly exceeded my expectations.
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