In the Land of Blood and Honey Synopsis
A Serb's relationship with a Bosnian woman grows darker in the face of war.
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Angelina Please Read This

By myself78
You did a great job capturing the brutality of the war ... the human psychology as it goes through it's stages of fear, loss of dignity, courage etc in its fight for survival. However, as you...

A Total Surprise

By SimpleGalSF
This movie surprised me. The acting was great and heart felt. The fact that the movie is subtitled, worried me a bit. The movie kept me interested and emotional. Excellent job for the first time...


By sweetangel1051
This movie was heartbreaking, my heart was so sad watching this. To see what humans can do to other humans. We will all be questioned one Day for our crimes against each other. I applaud Ms. Jolie...

5 Stars for Angelina

By cemanno770
5 stars for Angelina Jolie because she actually had the courage to create a movie about the devastation and genocide which happened in Bosnia. It was almost like re-living the moment. I cried during...

Realistic movie

By KostakurtaMan
I think that movie was very dark and depressive. Movie should be called "In the Land of blood and rape". Angelina went completely with the dark side of the war and yet, she did not present any bright...

A Must-See!

By M_Johansson
Powerful, gripping and intense! If you didn't know it, you would never think this was done by a first-time writer/director. Angelina has once again hit her mark!...

Best movie since Schindler's List!

By frascati
This movie was so moving and made us understand what happened over there. The acting is superb. Even though there a love story of sort in the movie, it helps us realize the difficulties met by the...

want to see so bad

By amiii101
only playing in major movie theaters...


By devistator_93
This movie is a disgrace to the history behind the war that took place here in B&H. The Muslims weren't the only victims here, Cro's, Serb's and bosnian's were tortured all the same. 2nd how is this...

By bpieraccini

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Rated R | For War violence and atrocities including rape, sexuality, nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Angelina Jolie's movie is both horrifying and unengaging.
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