In the House Synopsis
A teenager insinuates himself into another student's house and writes about it for a class.
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Ozon weaves another spellbinding tale that mingles the real and imaginery with terrific effect.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
With its complex look at storytelling, imagination and the teacher-student dynamic, In the House is an elaborate cinematic fresco.
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By Ella Taylor
In the House is often mordantly funny. Luchini is France's master of deadpan comedy: When he does farce, it carries an undertow of sorrow,...
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Total Film

By James Mottram
Utterly assured, breathtakingly executed and riotously funny, this is a delight.
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By Jordan Hoffman
In the House is crafty and juicy and ought to delight anyone whose ever thumped their chest about being a storyteller. I must confess,...
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
For all its pleasures, as Germaine nudges Claude toward that “ideal” ending that will make the reader say “I never saw that coming” and “It...
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New York Observer

By Rex Reed
There are humorous intrusions (e.g., an art show at Jeanne’s gallery that includes Nazi symbols constructed from penises), and great...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Jim Emerson
After a while, it seems to run out of places to go, but for most of its running time, it’s a wickedly clever divertissement.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
The cleverness gives considerable pleasure until the story grows absurd and the story within the story turns unpleasant, like the creepily...
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
In the House promises to be a social satire with a flash of Hitchcockian menace, but gradually it turns into a routine thumb-sucker on...
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Great French film.

By w45672003
Great film. Unique presentation....


By Corb_Dango

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By np4978
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By katyameyer
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Creepy french film

By rsb64012
This is a must-see for anyone who isn't afraid to read subtitles. The characters were wonderfully thought out. The plot was a bit eerie and moved along quickly. It kept you interested from beginning...

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Rated R | For Sexual content and language