Choppy, Unbelievable

By Saamite
Written March 15, 2008
Buscemi is usually pretty engaging - regardless of whether the character is a bad or good guy - but this movie is a rare exception. Stifled (and stifling) dialogue suffer from a great lack of support from the wholly unbelievable story line and a stiff, disconnected performance by Miller. Some of the interactions were great, making me think the film was on an upturn, only to crash again. Overall, I thought some of the father-daughter undertones and sexual innuendo were handled well, and I was interested in Buscemi's good guy-bad guy duplicity; he had a way of making you feel sorry for him while thinking he was s***... but that is classic Buscemi. It saved the film from a NO rating, but only by a slight margin.
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By criticfad
Written July 23, 2007
It seemed like a bad, trendy remake of My Dinner with Andre, but with trite dialog and crazy behavior. The final twist was it's ony redemption.
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An Interesting Psychological Study of Two...

By norm_the_moviegoer
Written July 24, 2007
I enjoyed this movie. The movie took me away to this spacious apartment in an old warehouse-looking building. Almost the entire movie takes place here, and all the action is between Pierre and Katya. Yes, from a movie-goer point-of-view, it does bring back a little of My Dinner With Andre, but so vastly different in players and content. To enjoy a movie like this, one must be a fan of character development. The movie certainly kept my interest and had that magical element I find in some movies where time just flies by and the credits go up...
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stereotypical characters that bored me

By gaff_tape_guru
Written September 30, 2007
there are occasions when two characters can hold a story through until the end... this was not it. i found the characters stereotypical and often found myself rolling my eyes at their situation. the "twists" in the plot failed to keep me interested, and half way through the movie i was tired of watching. i would say, “wait for the DVD,” but this is more of a “wait for it on HBO, but don’t schedule your night around it” movie.
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By filman408
Written July 21, 2007
Unusual film but great none-the-less. Very enjoyable if you realize it is not a conventional film.
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