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By abielruiz
Written July 21, 2015
I went to watch this early showing with high expectations, as I've been anticipating to see it since I saw the first preview about 4 months ago. I must say, my expectations were definitely met. The movie does drag a bit, but its totally worth it! Everything is so well composed. Down to the sound tracks which add so much drama to the film that it literally sucks you into it. If you have any appreciation for space and all of the theories ever discussed on 'Through the wormhole', This movie pretty much brings it all together into a great story and you'll definitely enjoy it. Highly recommended!!! I just hope the rest of humanity can appreciate it as I did.
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what a load of crap !!

By shah11417
Written March 03, 2016
special effects were good, acting was good, story was stupid..cant believe these A list movie stars would lend their name to a piece of crap like this
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So Pro...but could have been EPIC

By FuzzDad
Written March 09, 2015
Solid A-...Nolan went for upper-case EPIC and ended up with lower-case epic. More humorous than the trailers suggest (in a BRO-sense), sometimes the music and sound were perfect, other times it was hard to hear what the characters were saying...but the actors hit their marks, the movie went by incredibly fast for me despite the running time and so many homages to sci-fy movies...all slightly twisted/different but there. As usual w/Nolan movie, all the plot points are there for the asking and almost EVERYTHING is foreshadowed. Afterwards I had a stimulating conversation w/my wife as to what was going on in the film as I've ever had on a film we saw together. She LOVED the interactions between all the really is a talking heads movie w/great action scenes and visuals in-between. The reviewers who have said it's a great my reaction too. It mashed up Apollo 13, Inception, The Right Stuff, 2001, etc....but he missed upper-case EPIC by a few millimeters.
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Inception in space

By eddwin258
Written March 01, 2015
Definitely worth paying for, the visual effects and the sheer massiveness/emptiness of space is accurately portrayed. Storyline seems to be about 90% fleshed out, and the film does a good job of explaining astrophysics and theoretical physics.
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By jdeckardb26354
Written July 21, 2015
Matthew McConaughey! Jessica Chastain!! Christopher Nolan!!! In a Sci-Fi!!!! TAKE MY MONEY NOOOW !!!!!
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